During this unique season of the Covid-19 Pandemic, many businesses and organizations cannot gather with all employees to be photographed, yet it is such an ideal time to build our online presence and establish your team spirit and commitment to community!

We offer the perfect, professional solution with VIRTUAL GROUP PORTRAITS!

We can set up and photograph your whole team individually, and Suzette, who is a Photoshop Educator of 20 years and is highly skilled at digitally compositing, can then assemble the images together to create a professional GROUP portrait with each person, literally looking their best! 

Especially valuable for professionals and large groups where all parties cannot be at one place at a time, or when an adequate location is not available for a large group photograph. We have done virtual groups for Turnure Medical for a couple of years, and it allows us to make sure each person looks stunning and confident. With a larger team, the additional benefit is the ability to also create multiple groupings for different departments or teams!

Portraits must be taken by us for consistency with lighting and posing for a believable and professional final image. Portraits may be taken on location with portable background and lights or in studio. 

Please call us for a quote.

GGPD final V13 suz SM 3000 JII

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