The process of integrating and adapting to shooting video and creating Hybrid eproducts or short videos can be a bit daunting!  Sometimes it is more beneficial to have some  one-on-one training instead of learning  alongside twenty other photographers in the same boat.

Some photographers prefer to hire us to do a private class or consulting to learn exactly what they need, at the pace they need it, using their own lights, studio, locations and clients! The biggest benefit, of course, is the opportunity to schedule real paying sessions on which to learn and practice where you can offset the cost of the class! Some studios invite a couple other fellow photographers who also want to learn in order to share costs and share the fun!

Suzette and Jon are easy going, flexible and sincerely love the help people get their skills up to speed and help work out the bugs that are common when adopting new software, equipment or techniques. Finding your way through the myriad of options is far easier with a trained guide!

For Hybrid classes, we suggest 3 days minimum and encourage you to book at least 2-3 talking business card sessions. We also like to add on at least one senior session and perhaps a family with small children, if you are thinking of adding hybrid to your family portrait services.

We typically put in long days and shoot, edit, create and post projects so you will immediately get social media traction on your new skills as well. We will help you with all the processes and sources you need including music and templates etc. We suggest you book the "flagship sessions" prior to the class and prepare them for the experience. (We also guide  you on this). They will be getting premium eCards by Us and you jointly, not practice ones or unpolished, (so you can charge for them and even promote the fact that they will be done under the guidance of those who pioneered this new product!). We will show you how to produce a premium product and then help you do it  yourself by the end of the class. We also recommend that you keep the class days free of other appointments as you will be quite consumed and distracted.

Hardware Requirements:

Camera that shoots HD video (dslr or mirrorless ok) (we will also bring a variety of LUMIX mirrorless cameras to try out if you like)

Computer that can handle editing video (specs here)

Decent internet connection (uploading files for hybrid lab/ProShows)

Tripod (may or may not be video tripod) a Standard one will do.

Microphone (we will bring a variety of models to try and you can decide what to invest in once you try them out, too!)

Continuous lights (if you are doing studio sessions) We may also bring some lights to try out if you would likeā€”this requires additional discussion.

Software Requirements:

Lightroom 4 or 5

Pro Show Web (you can use trial, and we will train you) Very Easy!

Software Suggestions (Optional)

For custom videos we suggest choosing: (and we need to have a discussion about this topic too!)

Photoshop CS6/CC


ProShowProducer (PC Only)


Adobe Premier


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