For CS6, and Creative Cloud

Beginning Photoshop

This class is comprehensive--all the basics and enough information to keep an intermediate user happy too. Focus on efficiency, using layers and working flexibly--teaching you good working habits to start from!

This class is best as a 4-day but can also be pared down to 2 days for users who are somewhat familiar with Photoshop.

Intermediate Photoshop

The intermediate class is all the beginning vital topics at a much faster rate--PLUS a bunch of great time saving tools and techniques for added products and sales. This is my most popular class and many repeat it because there is so much information jam-packed into it!

Advanced Photoshop

For those who already are jammin' in Photoshop, you need to learn the "control-freak stuff" that can really push you into the realm of speed, control and creativity. This class is Intermediate/Advanced level and gets into the nuts and bolts of Photoshop. Using the preset manager, making your own brushes, programming actions and batch actions, using quick mask, working with layer sets, Style catalogs, custom desktops, using the bridge for more than browsing, using automated features, pdf presentations, smart objects, and any other special requests! We focus on fine tuning your tools and settings for maximum efficiency and also get deeper into the many creative applications for masks and blending modes, to name a few.

Album Layout and Design

The intermediate class focuses on making Coffee-Table-style Albums and taking the drudgery out of the time-consuming mechanics of getting the pieces together and lets you focus more on the creative end (what you're good at). We make actions and presets to speed up the repeatable tasks and learn tricks to manuever lots of images, layers, text and graphics quickly. You will learn ways to create without getting bogged down by too many options, and learn to be more free with your composites and not agonize over design. The goal is to be fast and efficient enough to make fresh, unique albums and still make a decent hourly wage! It IS possible!

Retouching like the Pros

The intermediate class focuses on facial retouching and enhancement, but also includes image alterations too. Learn to retouch like the professionals do (fast and efficient), set up your tools so you don't have to remember two million settings, and prevent the number one most common error in retouching: OVER-DOing it! You will learn how to use adjustment layers to fix skin discolorations, fix glass glare, photogray glasses, etc, and trim bodies with liquify, smooth out rough or blemished skin and enhance eyes for drama and impact. This class is a MUST for all professional photographers and will pay for itself over and over.

Composites for Marketing, Seniors, and Weddings!

Face it--Composites get people's attention. They are awesome for Marketing pieces, Senior Add-ons, Wedding albums, Baby panels, you name it! We NEED to know how to "throw one together real fast"--anytime we need it! This class gives you all the speedy tips to make it go together fast and we save them into templates so they are quick to make again and again to save time and make money with them over and over! This is a fun class and you will walk away with your own marketing pieces and templates ready to go!


I was thinking of all the things I was grateful for this past year and how far I have grown in this past year. I didn't shoot anything digital for a real Job until this past June. That's when I took your class in Photo Shop. We shot over 80 weddings all digital in 5 months The lab is telling me that my digital weddings now look better than 95% of all the weddings that are going thru the lab. I have YOU to thank for that! I was letting the lab make all the corrections to the images and the results were not always good. Now on all the images that go into the wedding album, I go and color correct them myself. All I learned about Photoshop came from the class that you taught. You made it NOT SCARY to learn P.S. I've gone to other P.S. classes since your class and they talk so tech and make it seem very confusing. Thank you!! --Joey Ikemoto

I really enjoyed your class this week at California Photographic Workshop! The techniques that you showed the us will greatly improve my business (not to mention saving me $$$ so I don't have to pay the lab to color correct or retouch or alter my images). I learned a lot and I plan to take at least one more class of yours down the road so I can really soak up some of the information that didn't stick the first time and to improve my skills even more. Thanks again! -Tod Gomes

Suzette is an extremely talented artist and an awesome instructor! I learned so much! My images will never be the same. I can hardly wait to apply all that I have learned and turn photos into art! Well worth the investment. What an inspiration! - Debrah Woods

Suzette is an awesome instructor. She has a gift for teaching and grasping ideas. This course has changed my life~my business will never be the same! Thank you!! - Deanna Bansemer

Walking in totally blind to whole new world opened! Thank you, thank you, thank you.....the possibilities are endless! -Heidi Miller

Suzette gives clear explanations in plain english. So many "computer gurus" talk in "technospeak" at a level above the heads of the students. Suzette brings a technical subject down to earth in a very practical hands-on way. Everyone leaves her class able to actually DO Photoshop! -Greta Heintz

I took your Photoshop class a few years ago when I was in California and it literally changed my life. I learned so much from your class and love to design on Photoshop, but I realized that there is so much more I could learn. It kills me every time I see one of your classes offered, as I am now in Washington State and with starting over up here with my business, it will probably be a couple of years before I can afford to get away for workshops again. You were one of the best teachers I've had. You taught in a way I understood completely, but I feel I'm at a standstill and want to learn more. You truly inspire me to want to be better. -Jamie Gilbert Love your way of working with people. Keep teaching with love and care. Keep on shining. God bless. -Girish Patel

I didn't have a clue about Photoshop; just getting started in photography. The knowledge that I am leaving with is awesome. Suzette was extremely informed on the subject matter and wasable to demonstrate it with ease and humor. I really enjoyed this experience and will be taking her advanced class. - Linda Rothwell

Suzette was wonderful as a teacher's assistant, but as a teacher, she is absolutely brilliant, warm and awesome. You are sure to have a great time! - Dorman Louie

Suzette, I wanted you to know how much your class has changed the “look” of my work as well as helping me with time management--or should I say, “fun” time! The Quick Answer Box triggers my memory in no time and I’m now finding time to ride my bike at least 3x per week! I have an upcoming show of my work this weekend where I launch my new name/look, so life is good. Thanks so much--I’ll keep up on! -Warmly, Peggy Morsch

Your 2 hour performance at the Falls Convention Center was amazing. Your style of teaching is clear and easily understandable as well as purposeful and effective. I can hardly wait to put into use what I retained. I consider myself an intermediate user of PS but can quickly see I have been doing things the long, hard, slow way since I figured out no other. I look forward to learning from you again. -Suzette Tweedie

I attended you presentation at Adobe Systems, in San Jose and was blow away. 95% of what you showed I already new, what impressed me the most was the clarity of your presentation. Your teaching ability is the best I’ve seen. -Ted Grace

First I have to say, wow! You are amazing at Photoshop and teach it so well. Anyone who takes your course is so lucky! This is my second year in the Guild and so far you have been one of my favorite speakers! You taught everything so well last night. I followed most things pretty good and learned a lot! -Melissa Medlin

I wanted to let you know I thoroughly enjoyed your Photoshop class last night. I can't believe how much information you covered in a relatively short amount of time!!! I am looking forward to taking a more extensive class with you sometime in the future!Again, thank-you so much for sharing your vast knowledge with us! -Robyn Cazinha

In all my experience, I have never seen training as effective as yours. Either you have a really good consultant helping you put this stuff together, or you have a gift. I suspect you have a gift, because one of the things that makes your training so effective is its clarity and straightforwardness. You cut right to the chase. Your training bears the same stamp of efficiency as the processes you are teaching us about. Well done. -Mark Haffner

I'm saving loads of time with your pointers already - it really has made an amazing difference in my workflow, my photo quality and my capability to spend more time actually taking pictures! -Emily Cavaco

I just wanted to thank you again for the great workshop on Wednesday! You really opened my eyes to the power of Photoshop and did in a way that really made the class enjoyable! This new level of excitement is really going to make Photoshop a lot less intimidating for me! -Michael Mantini

Thanks for all the info you filled our head with last week. I've already started changing some of our products with some of the design possibilities you presented to us. -Kent Gerken

I really enjoyed your talk at Adobe. I think that was the best and most practical session I've heard there over the year. You might do a retouch in 6 minutes but you also spill out a lot of useful suggestions in the same 6 minutes. My notes look like scribbling. I just spent an hour trying to decipher them. You generated a lot of interest by the attendees in how to use PS more efficiently. -Milt Kostner

We have seen many Photoshop teachers at our conventions and seminars. We have enjoyed them and we have learned from them. That was fine. Until yesterday. I want you to know that I have not come home so excited and enthused for a very long time from a Photoshop class. Your clarity and patience made the class never boring. Your examples were well chosen and easy to follow. Even though the sound system was turned down a bit, your voice was clear and easy to understand. Many years ago, I was told by a respected photographer that I should always attend seminars and conventions. He said that if one brought home only two or three ideas that were useful, the money would be well spent. You gave us dozens of useful, workable solutions to problems that we constantly face in our endeavor to deliver quality photography. I bought your Quick Answer Box. The Box was decidedly worth the price. Thank you again and keep up the excellent teaching!!! We need your advanced level of information and your clear and concise delivery of it. -Ken Ahlstrom

From Judy Crookston Just wanted to thank you again for a great class! My brain is fried, but otherwise I'm back in my office ready to rock 'n roll. (Or maybe cha-cha-cha!!) Whoever said you can't teach an old dog new tricks obviously didn't know YOU! The work book is a lifesaver. I could not keep up with all the note taking by hand, so the workbook made it much easier. I learned so much it boggles my mind, but the real test will be to start using that knowledge and see how much i actually retained. If all this new knowledge actually speeds up my workflow you may have saved my marriage. No kidding- my husband is always poking his head around the door asking "When are you coming out?" Maybe you should add "marriage saver" to your list of accomplishments! ha ha

From Diana Vader

Thanks Suzette, I can't tell you how much I enjoyed your seminar at West Coast school. I was sitting there with my mouth hanging open. I only caught about 1/25 of what you were saying but just knowing that all that is in Photoshop is an eye opener for me. Blessings!

From Frank Peele You are both life changers--in the finest possible way! Thank you!

From Julie B. Thank you for a great week - you put all our work into a great common-sense perspective. Thanks again and God bless!

From Becky, Savannah, GA This past year at GA School was one of the best weeks of my life. The intensity of your class was amazing. My brain has absorbed what was learned and I'm ready for more! It was awesome getting to know you and Jonny on a personal level too. Thank you so much for opening my eyes to a faster work flow and the multitude of things I can do wtih Photoshop!

From Ed Pedi : Thank you for such a great class last week. I learned a ton of things that I'm using right now. You guys have a very comfortable teaching style that makes it easy to learn. I just wanted to say thanks again and let you know how much you impact peoples lives.

From Drea Cunningham: I have wanted to email you ever since getting home from East Coast School in Raleigh. I truly cannot express how HUGE of an impact your course and your magnificent energies have had on my business and my life. I am amazed everyday at the volume of knowledge that I was able to absorb and implement from your four day course but it is right there at my fingertips. Your insight and professional outlook is so uplifting but your intuitive explanations of Photoshop and Photography are pure genius. You and Johnny are blessed to have each other and we are blessed to have spent such priceless time with you. Once again, thank you for everything and every little thing! You are wonderful people and a kickass teaching team!

From Emily Cavaco, NY : Just wanted to let you know, I'm saving loads of time with your pointers already - it really has made an amazing difference in my workflow, my photo quality and my capability to spend more time actually taking pictures!

From Thomas Pham, Ridgecrest, CA:  I just want to thank you for a terrific job teaching the Photoshop class in Pasadena. Your teaching style, patience, and attention really helped me absorb the material. Prior to this class I had some knowledge of Photoshop but never fully was comfortable at using it. Now I feel so much more confident and at ease sitting in front of the screen using my Intuos 3! I can't wait to start working with real clients digitally. Thanks again for the most valuable Photoshop learning experience to date. From Bill Hench I'm going all digital this year and I purchased your DVD for my daughter who is going to retouch for me this summer. The "Working Smarter" aspect of the DVD is great. I can do most things I need to do, but the way you simplified so much of it is great. Best $50 I have spent in the last three years, not counting my camo archery coat.

From Heidi Hopp, San Diego, CA Hope all is well with you and I think about you almost daily when I use all my wonderful Pohotshop tricks from your class. I keep telling every photographer I know that they need to take your class. It sure has changed my business tremendously. Thank you for everything you have taught me. You da bomb!

From Nicole Katano: I love your articles in ShootSmarter! You explain things clearly and concisely and I've learned a lot from you, so thank you very much and keep up the good work! From Kathryn Myers I have been a big fan of your articles in the I was especially excited about the watercolor technique. I paint with watercolors and so wanted to do it on occasion with my photos too. I just wanted to tell you that I tried it on a picture of a Connor Prairie recreation character who was baking biscuits. It turned out just the way I wanted it so I entered it in the Kokomo Art Museum Photo contest and I won Best of Show in the computer generated category. Thank you for this wonderful technique.

From George Vokovich, Fort Myers, FL: I want to say you are the very best instructor/teacher. I really want to learn Photoshop 7 and you are above all others.

From Heidi Hopp, San Diego, CA :  Thanks for all the info you are giving us and helping to make us better digital photographers. Your class is worth five times more than what you're charging. From Jennifer Duff Thank you for sharing your faith and caring about teenagers! Shine For Him seems like a great way for teens to share their personal faith and testimony. I am a photographer and my husband is a Youth Minister. We've been in ministry for seven years and they have been the best years of my life! Your website is awesome and your photography and retouching techniques are outstanding. I have really learned a lot from your articles. Somehow I don't feel overwhelmed or discouraged by so much information. I feel excited and ready to try new things. You truly have a gift for teaching. Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge and experience with the rest of us.

From Jamie Gilbert, Sacramento, CA:  I took your Photoshop class a few years ago when I was in California and it literally changed my life. I learned so much from your class and love to design on Photoshop, but I realized that there is so much more I could learn. It kills me every time I see one of your classes offered, as I am now in Washington State and with starting over up here with my business, it will probably be a couple of years before I can afford to get away for workshops again. You were one of the best teachers I've had. You taught in a way I understood completely, but I feel I'm at a standstill and want to learn more. You truly inspire me to want to be better.

From Girish Patel, Fairfield, CA  Love your way of working with people. Keep teaching with love and care. Keep on shining. God bless.

From Eli Sloves: Love reading your articles. Very clear and easy to follow. You have made my life much easier to do retouching.

From Kristine Bardin, Los Angeles, CA:  I really enjoyed the last two classes in Torrance. Hopefully, I will have some free time to work on all the new things I learned.

From Nolan Bailey, Natchitoches, LA : After being graduated from Brooks Institute a millennium ago, I taught photography at the university level for fifteen years. Was I amazed to see you state something that I pounded into my student's heads over and over. You are 100% correct! One last thought: the only difference between "Good" and "Excellent" is the attention to detail. Keep up the good work.

From Carolyn Graham Thank you so much for the "applying text" article in ShootSmarter! I have enjoyed your helps previously too. The timing was PERFECT, as I was a lover of personalizing prints using foils and a "hot pen" before shooting digital. I admire individuals that are able and willing to share their knowledge so skillfully.

From Troy Tran, Elk Grove, CA This was a great workshop for those interested in digital photography. I learned many great techniques taught in class that I never knew before. These techniques create great images in photography. I am very much interested and looking forward to attending the intermediate level workshop for Digital Discoveries.

From Marie Zigon, San Jose, CA : Well...somehow thank you does not seem sufficient. You are such a smart woman. YOu have a gift to give us and you do it willingly. Thank you..from me as I sit in front of this tool that I am addicted to and create. I am amazed by what I now can do. Thank you for what you did for me and did for CPW. You are amazing. I know they all appreciate you for this.

From Marie Zigon, San Jose, CA : Thanks again for the great Photoshop class. I have tried to work in Photoshop before but found it very frustrating. Your class showed me the ins and outs and how simple it can really be. I can hardly wait to start in on some great projects I have in mind!

From A Professional Photographer, Turlock, CA : Your images are breathtaking. As a fellow Christian, I can appreciate your God given talent. From Barbara, San Jose, CA Thank you so very much for a great day and evening of the most wonderful and useful information. Jeri suggests I check your website for more class info. I look forward to seeing you again in another class.

From Bill and Marscia Thomas: You asked us what we wanted to do with the information we learned at West Coast School. I wanted to write a book. Well - I have. In September I scanned 500 negatives my Mom and Dad took in Peru (1927-1930). My dad worked there. I restored them and put most of them on 62 pages of the book. My Dad had started a book about his life and our older son typed it up for us. Bill had me get it printed on double sided matte paper. This will be Christmas to all my Dad's grandchildren and their families. Thank you for making it possible.

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