G7 vs GH4 Comparison

A number of customers and students have asked if we have a comparison sheet of the G7 vs the GH4. Having spent the afternoon familiarizing myself with the new G7, I decided to make an unofficial list. –Bill Voss

The G7 has:

• Same sensor as the GX7 but no I.B.I.S. because no technology currently exists (due to heat dissipation) to offer 4K + IBIS in the same body

• Same Venus engine as our other 4K models GH4, LX100 & FZ1000

• Mic jack

• No headphone jack

• DFD that may be even better in video AF than GH4

• No need for a password when setting up wi-fi and Image App

• 8fps burst, 6fps with AF

• Creative Panorama on P/A/S/M wheel

• Scene Guide with 20 situations on P/A/S/M wheel

• It has focus peaking, zebras, Cinelike D & Cinelike V

• In 4K video or photo it may actually have a slightly wider field of view than GH4

• Dedicated 4K Photo mode in drive mechanism + 3 4K Photo modes

• 4K Pre-burst - captures 1st 30 frames before you hit the record button as well as 30 frames after, no mechanical shutter but digital sound effect of 30fps – mandatory demo

• 4K Burst - ultra-fast 30fps burst mode up can be held for 29m59s – mandatory demo

• 4K burst SS – start / stop control

The GH4 still has a number of advantages:

• A better sensor

• 12fps burst

• A headphone jack • Live full time HDMI out

• Ability to output 4:2:2/10bit video to external HDD via YAGH or HDMI

• Ability to dock with the YAGH for XLR mic connection

• Cinematic 4K at 24fps


• OLED 3” rear monitor

• Anamorphic lens compatibility via latest firmware update

• A host of other functions advantageous to video recording like more codecs, MBPS and data rates, I haven’t had a chance to go through all that yet.

I visited dpreview and found a million posts from readers on the subject of what is different: http://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/55839963

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