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2023-01-26 SPAC

10:30 AM-12:00 PM. Napa Room

The 15 Minute Senior Session - Demonstration

Maximizing our profits for senior sessions means MORE Variety in LESS time, right? We have a certain number of students with a limited time frame to photograph them by yearbook deadline… and we want to offer it all:

beautiful lighting

flattering and contemporary posing

great, confident smiles

Lots of looks and variety….

---but you gotta do it FAST!!

Having posing routines (shooting formulas) and our camera room streamlined is key but knowing your “safe money shots” and having your key techniques nailed down will help you accomplish your goals, even when they show up 5 minutes late!! Suzette photographed 487 seniors in Hawaii this past fall and has plenty to share about what she learned, developed and accomplished.

A live demo on posing variety and routines along with a beautiful lighting demo (continuous light) will show you HOW to flow with the students and build confidence.

Sponsored By: Panasonic Lumix

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