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2022-09-16 PhotoWorks GA

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PhotoWorks Georgia 2022

September 16-18, 2022 in Atlanta, GA

A Trio of Talents to Leverage in Photoshop

by Suzette Allen

 [Intermediate Level]

Photoshop is the ultimate creative tool, but the learning curve can be daunting without a patient and creative guide… so, take this opportunity to spend a few days with Suzette Allen, a well-known Photoshop instructor of over 20 years! We’ve got a variety of tools to help you succeed and they all live in Photoshop and Lightroom!


Learn to make your images Fabulous / Artistic / Dynamic with all the tricks in the Suite. Learn core image enhancements in Lightroom, efficient Portrait Retouching and Landscape Magic like sky replacements and more. Finally master the power of layer Masks and get vital control over your image enhancements and composites!


Raise the bar on your entrepreneur skills with a segment on Graphic Design, creating polished presentations (and templates) for image marketing, logos, layouts, brochures, and graphics! Leverage your marketing and branding with excellence in your images AND great graphic design/presentation. Feeling stuck with Social Media? Marketing is much easier with movement and Design. Photoshop is your friend.


The truth is: It’s TIME to learn VIDEO. I know we don’t want to face it yet, but the train is coming and it’s too late to stop it. You may as well get on board and enjoy the ride! The other truth is, because you’re a photographer, you already have most of the equipment and skills you need to be pretty good! This day-long primer will help you fill in the gaps and help you feel some success with video (shooting, audio and editing) and get you on your way to leveraging video for marketing and commercial applications. No, we won’t be able to learn Premier in one day—but we can get some traction with Photoshop and a few other Apps that will get you moving in the right direction!

BIO: Suzette Allen is a passionate educator, teaching Photoshop to professional photographers for over 20 years. Her work has morphed over the years, specializing in retouching, compositing, video and painting. Her passion for creativity and fearless attitude toward technology has served her well and kept her at the forefront of photoshop education and creativity, while her laid-back, friendly style has kept her in the hearts of many of her students as a true source of help and inspiration.

Learn more on her blog, And EDU site,

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