Held at B&C Camera Las Vegas on July 11, 2021

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Light is the key factor that makes or breaks an image, but the quality and properties of light for great PORTRAITS is very different from the best light for landscapes, travel or general photography! Learn the vital skills of seeing and creating beautiful light for people and faces with Portrait Artist and Lumix Ambassador, Suzette Allen. Knowing how to light a face and recognizing good portrait light is key, but also modifying light, [including harnessing the elements of nature and architecture to refine it], is a vital skill for any portrait photographer.

Suzette will share her best techniques for environmental and studio lighting and posing in an engaging presentation and show you how to not only recognize good lighting but know how to modify light with reflectors, scrims, buildings, cement… whatever it takes! She will talk about light direction, diffusion, time of day, some posing and clothing tips, and some core foundations of good portrait technique.


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