Great Lakes Institute of Photography [GLIP] 

Held in Harbor Springs, MI. on  May 23-28, 2021




We all have video capability on our cameras and phones, and so few of us are leveraging it for marketing or sales. It’s a bit of a wall to scale, actually, with a whole new skill-set and vision, but it is certainly a skill you can learn and apply in a 5 day class at GLIP with Suzette Allen, the hybrid pioneer!

How can you leverage Video? Let us count the ways…. Video for Marketing, for Weddings, for Commercial, for Seniors, for Headshots, Entreprenuers, Models, Social Media, IG, FB, websites….etc.

Headshots and commercial photography are a great new profit stream that many of us are leveraging to fill in the gaps of our schedules! AND there are thousands of DIY millennials and baby boomers who are doing their own little gig on the side as Entrepreneurs! Need some Marketing? YES, PLEASE!

Leveraging video to tell the stories and educate potential clients about your customer’s product or service is key, whether you make it a talking business card or just put a short video on your IG stream or website. Gotta Learn this? ABSOLUTELY!

Learn HOW to set up your camera for the best video quality, and how to seamlessly shoot engaging video clips and tell the story naturally. Leveraging motion is the key to modern marketing. (And it is the best way make your clients look like savvy millennials, no matter what their age!) Beyond that, with everyone looking to websites to feel the pulse of a company, the ability to show personality, authenticity and core values [hopefully with an entertaining flair] is vital! Learn the simplest path to pulling all the parts together to make short, compelling videos for web, Social Media and Promo cards. Learn what you need to get started right away with video and moving Live Portraits!

*[Live Portrait is a service using Augmented Reality to play your videos when the PRINT is scanned with a smartphone app]

Sponsored by Bay Photo and Panasonic Lumix.

*video settings and techniques for filming

*storytelling tips and strategies

*making effective Instagram advertising clips

*strategy for smooth filming with nervous clients

*formula for success with Talking Business Cards

*use captions for silent communication

*model and talent marketing cards

*social media marketing guidelines and strategies 

In this week-long class, you will learn to:

• Set your camera for best results for video and speedy workflow

• Know what kind of videos to make for marketing on social

• Combine videos and still photos to make a hybrid portrait

• Connect a still image [print] and a video to make an Interactive Image (LivePortrait)

• Plan for interactive albums (wedding, senior, baby, coffee table books)

• Film Talking Business Cards and Hybrid Headshots for biz, models and social media

• Be confident with Audio and mics and music

• How to edit and export video clips in Lightroom

• Learn to edit and combine videos/stills in PhotoshopCC (yes, really)

• Try out Adobe Rush and other easy apps for quick or on the go editing

Engage your clients (and your creativity) by adding interactive magic to your albums, wall portraits, greeting cards and business cards! Start filming short video clips and integrating them into your albums and prints for an added value AND Interactive feature! You can create short videos, cinemagraphs, and live portraits to bring the magic and thrill your clients. Albums, greeting cards and wall portraits will never be seen the same—and once you start using the storytelling power of video, you will ALSO be leveraging motion for social media! Get inspired and see how easy it can be to create short videos that tell the stories you have always wished you could tell with still images.



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