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January 5, 2021

Suzette Allen, Lumix Global Ambassador

Hybrid: Leveraging video with your still photos for storytelling and impact!

Engage your creativity by adding interactive magic to your storytelling photographs by filming short video clips and integrating them into your images. Hybrid videos are short and shareable, (and even able to be viewed in albums and prints with an app on a smartphone!) You can create short hybrid videos easily with portraits, families, kids, pets, business, artists, travel, or just about anything!

Albums, greeting cards and wall portraits will never be seen the same—and once you start using the storytelling power of video, you will ALSO be leveraging motion for social media and all your storytelling! Get inspired and see how easy it can be to create Interactive Hybrid ReelStories that tell the stories you have always wished you could tell with still images.

Sponsored by Bay Photo and Panasonic Lumix.

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Suzette Allen, Lumix Ambassador and Adobe Influencer, is a long- time Photoshop instructor and Hybrid pioneer who continues to reinvent herself to stay current with the changing landscape of photography. Pursuing creativity by embracing technology has become a hallmark of her style and a continual driving force to share her creativity with the world. She passionately creates and shares her vision as a Photographer and Educator, being a lover of people AND photographic art! Follow Suzette’s journey of creativity http://www.suzetteallen.com https://www.facebook.com/suzette.allen.581 https://www.instagram.com/suzetteallen https://www.youtube.com/suzetteallen http://www.suzettesays.com (blog)

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