By Suzette Allen,

Lumix Ambassador, Storyteller



Saturday, January 25, 2020 at 9-10AM

Sponsored by Panasonic Lumix

All levels (back by popular demand!)

Join Suzette Allen, a portrait photographer of over 30 years and photo industry educator of 20 years, for an informative and engaging course on the most flattering ways to light the face whether it be a senior in high school or a senior over 70! Posing is a vital skill too, where you can not only make your subjects look their best, but also help them appear natural and relaxed. Knowing how to direct your subject with with confidence will visibly boost your client’s comfort AND confidence in the session! The course will cover the foundation of lighting and posing for flattery and dimension as well as for corrective purposes, and then the ending segment will be a live demo for shooting and building posing skills! You don’t want to miss this vital class and dynamic presentation!

Sponsored by Panasonic Lumix, NANlites and Denny Mfg.

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BIO: Suzette Allen is a passionate educator, teaching Photography and Digital Creativity (including Photoshop) to professional photographers for 20 years. Her work has morphed over the years, specializing in retouching, compositing, video and painting. Her passion for creativity and fearless attitude toward technology has served her well and kept her at the forefront of photoshop education and creativity, while her laid back, friendly style has kept her in the hearts of many of her students as a true source of help and inspiration.

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