Join Suzette at the Pixel Connection

in the Trade Show at IUSA [booth #219]

for a shot in the arm of creative travel photography ideas and inspiration! After a 15,000 mile journey with her Bubble Trailer and a Lumix Camera, she has a ton of beautiful images and creative ideas to share! Suzette will be in the Pixel Connection booth each day of the trade show. [times listed above] Swing by to see her images, pick her brain on photography/creative ideas and ask ANYTHING about Lumix!

TRAVEL  :  create

Travel Lighter and Maximize Creativity!

With Suzette Allen, Lumix Ambassador and Visual Storyteller

Sunday, Jan 19 at 11:30 and 3:30

Monday, Jan 20 at 12:30 and 3:30

Tuesday, Jan 21 at 2:30

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BIO: Suzette Allen, Lumix Ambassador, Visual Storyteller

Suzette is a passionate photographer and educator, teaching Photography and Digital Creativity (including Photoshop) to professional photographers for 20 years. Her work has morphed over the years, specializing in retouching, compositing, and now, video and travel photography. Her passion for creativity and fearless attitude toward technology has served her well and kept her at the forefront of photoshop education and creativity, while her laid back, friendly style has kept her in the hearts of many of her students as a true source of help and inspiration.

Morning Sessions (sun/mon) Tuesday Session

Capture your Travels Creatively!

Traveling is one of the things we do alone or with a spouse or small group, but one of the most fun things to share with all our friends and family! We want to document them creatively, especially because those adventures are the experiences we want to remember the most and relive over and over. It’s important to not only capture your stories well, so you can share, but also travel light and think on your feet so you don’t miss a thing as you experience all the new sights! Focusing on traveling light and having a handful of easy techniques to employ is key to being able to share the journey with all the beauty and emotion felt while not taking away from the experience.

*Traveling Light-minimizing size/weight of gear for travel

*What I carry for travels (abroad/hike/roadtrip/fly)

*Capturing for the Story- designing for video/coffee table books

*Get Creative with EASY built-in techniques for dynamic imagery

*TimeLapse, Focus stacking, 4K Photo, and more.

Afternoon Sessions (sun/mon)

Leverage your Visual Voice of Video

Video is a feature of all modern cameras, yet only a fraction of photographers actually use it! It’s a shame because not only is it fun, but it is SUCH a powerful tool to capture expression, emotion and convey far more to the viewer than stills. For marketing, it is unparalleled in getting engagement and one of the most important skills you will learn this year. As daunting as it feels, mirrorless cameras make it so easy to embrace and just learning a few key concepts will help you get into this fun and exciting way to communicate visually! (with a tool you already have!)

*Settings for success with Video

*Understanding frame rate/shutter speed choices

*4K video and pulling frames

*Adding visual impact to your stories with video

*Make video easy and fast

*Video sharing/delivery options


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