JPPG Class Oct 9, 2019

Jacksonville PPA Guild



Painting your images can be fun and easy especially if you know the secrets to success. Speed up the painting process and maximize efficiency by preparing your files for the most dimension and using filters to accomplish the ‘first wash’ on your files. Learn how to modify and customize brushes to your liking and how to organize your tools for efficiency.

But even more important is using a system that doesn’t get bogged down by memory-hungry brushes! Learn to leverage the “1% secret” and paint with more speed and control! Brush making (or modifying) is also a vital skill to get the look you want and develop your own style. Learn to design your own custom brushes and save them for future creativity. We will also explore how to finish off your art with a convincing texture (if not printing on true canvas or watercolor paper). Suzette will also show some of her images with surface brush strokes that truly complete the look.

Topics you will learn:

Choosing good images to paint.

File Prep for dimension and drama

First Wash techniques with filters

Mixer brush modifying and customization

System for speedy painting: “the secret”

Layers and mixing- controlling the look with painting on layers

Get inspired about new directions with your images

The marriage of blending modes and painting for gorgeous art


Suzette Allen is a passionate educator, teaching Photoshop to professional photographers for 19 years. Her work has morphed over the years, specializing in retouching, compositing, video and painting. Her passion for creativity and fearless attitude toward technology has served her well and kept her at the forefront of photoshop education and creativity while her laid back, friendly style has kept her in the hearts of many of her students as a true source of help and inspiration. Her latest passion of travel with her husband and beloved Bubble Trailer has taken her on a 13,000 mile trek across the country this fall, and she will be coming through Jacksonville on Oct 9!

She wanted to thank the members for changing the usual meeting time to accommodate her Bubble Trailer Tour schedule! Get ready to be inspired and enjoy the journey as you follow her adventures on IG at @BubbleTrailer as well as the sights and stories on her blog,

#createontheGo #MobileArtLife #CampCreateConnect


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