Bubble Trailer Brings the Light!

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Bubble Trailer Light Tour, Day 27 of 70

Suzette Allen, Jon Yoshinaga and Ms. Bubble Trailer

It’s a grand adventure, traveling the country…. OR navigating our careers in Photography! The detours of learning software, the flat tires of changing our workflow, the map- jockeying of figuring out where we are going…..OH, and the solid stream of pumping gas in the tank—keeping the motivation and navigation systems operating smoothly! Sometimes you just need to pull over and take a break. Have a picnic, a little wine and cheese, a little social entertainment and get re-inspired! Well, here we are—it’s time to join the Bubble Trailer Light Tour for an evening to get charged up, cheered up, and lifted up with “SYNC-UP”!!

We are taking a beautiful break for an evening on Thursday, Oct 3rd in Wrightsville, PA for a little PHOTOSHOP inspiration and education! We will gather at the gorgeous Historic Ashland event venue and have a little Photoshop learning time, social interaction with other photographers and a little creative shooting with Ms. Bubble Trailer! She’s the best lil’ 13’ traveling buddy (trailer) and mascot for Suzette Allen and Jon Yoshinaga, who are passionate photo educators on a nation-wide Photo Tour!

Suzette and Jon are both Panasonic LUMIX Ambassadors and been teaching Photoshop for 19 years! Get inspired and charged up with the latest techniques in Photoshop and see some of the amazing images and projects from their 13,000 mile journey! See More on!

This evening is planned on day 27 (of 70) of the tour—almost half way! You can follow their tour on social media @bubbletrailer and read the blogs on Get a taste for adventure and creativity as you follow them across the country and create images. Join the fun of the #MobileArtLife and #createontheGo with them too! Suzette will be sharing her favorite mobile techniques along the way using her Lumix, wifi, ipad, smartphone, apple pencil and, of course, her passion for being creative!

Topics we will be demonstrating

Masking Magic- advanced techniques for cutting out subjects perfectly

Clipping Mask for more than template population

Compositing techniques to make the scene you saw in your crazy brain

Focus Stacking for macro or dimensional scenes

Textures/Overlays to add an artsy look to any image

Mixer Brush Painting to express that artist in your heart

…And a few more other topics as we get requests!


The evening’s schedule will look like this:

6:30 PM - Check-In

7:00 PM - Class Begins

8:30 PM - Move to Bubble Trailer

9:30 PM - Smores, Wine, Cheese

10:00 PM - Program Ends

The venue is truly lovely and we will be setting up lights to photograph Ms. Bubble trailer with her new friends! We would love to photograph each attendee (or groups if you want) with her! A little lighting demo, wine and cheese, and some fun pix for social media and memories! (yes, we are building a gallery of #FriendsofBubbleTrailer!) Let’s have a great time and get SYNCed-UP with friends!! #syncwithfriends #syncrocks


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