Town Square Community Center Sept 19, 2019  in Green Lake, WI. 6-8pm

Travel Light, See the Light, Share the Light

Who: Suzette Allen and Jon Yoshinaga, (Lumix Camera Ambassadors), and their beloved travel trailer, Ms. Bubble Trailer (a 13’ travel trailer) will be coming through your town and happy to share their photography, creative techniques and stories in a two-hour presentation.

What: They will be giving an engaging travel photography program about creativity, seeing with new eyes, and the joy of the journey! Suzette will be sharing highlights of her journey with her husband Jon and Ms. Bubble Trailer, along the 13,000 mile trek across the country and back! (this class is held on day 13 of the 70-day trek) Follow Your Bliss, is the core of the message and the many ways we can express our creative vision AND give ourselves permission to follow our dreams! (wherever you go!)

Why: So many creative people want to capture their journeys and stories in a visual way to share their adventures! Suzette’s passion to help others develop their visual voice is her motivation to pursue this cross country tour focusing on Photography: Traveling Light, Seeing the Light and Sharing the Light! A portion of the class will be focused on mobile workflow as well, with mobile devices, and apps to #CreateontheGo! #MobileArtLife

Where: Town Square Community Center 492 Hill street Green Lake, WI

When: 6-8pm on Sept 19, 2019


Traveling beautiful places is so full of inspiration and beauty, we just want to capture and share it! Join Suzette and Jon, both Lumix Ambassadors and travel enthusiasts, for a light-centric and light-hearted program on Traveling, Photography & Light! Suzette and Jon travel and teach about half of each year and especially love to travel in their 13” “Bubble Trailer”! They are doing a cross-country tour of 13,000 miles starting on Sept 7 through mid-November, sharing their photos and tips with photographers and helping inspire them, give tips on taking better pictures and share them too!

Topics you’ll enjoy:

Hiking trips - how to travel light (gear, tools, etc)

Mobile sharing- using wifi, tablets/apps to make art on the GO

SHARE along the journey (without hauling your computer!)

Back-up plans for files on the road

Strategies for storytelling

Making coffee table books and sharing

Leveraging Motion- VIDEO and on-the-road editing

Dealing with the elements-be prepared for the extreme

Lenses and gear you don’t want to leave behind

Power issues: solar and how we use it

Night shooting- stars, milky ways and light painting

Long exposures- nighttime and movement.

Sunrise, Sunset, Sunpaths and apps!

Location searching/planning tools/tips

Make Prints: don’t just share digitally O

Aux lighting: LED or Flash? Reflectors, scrims (do you need em?)

Cinemagraphs? Helpful tips and visualization.

Infrared: how to SEE what you cannot see to get great IR shots

BIO: Suzette Allen, Lumix Ambassador, has been a professional photographer for 34 years, and an Adobe Photoshop instructor for 19 years. Her passion to teach, inspire and stir up creative vision (along with an intense love of nature and travel) is the motivation for the Bubble Trailer Light Tour, a 13,000 mile journey to Camp, Create and Connect. The 10-week journey includes presentations at many camera stores, photography guilds and meet-ups; shooting and sharing with photographers and creatives across the country. She is accompanied by her husband, Jon Yoshinaga who is also a Lumix Ambassador and long time photographer (as well as computer techie). You will enjoy their easy-going style and passion for the craft as they share the images, stories and techniques to create some of their unique travel photography and art!

The Tour is sponsored by Panasonic Lumix, Bay Photo Lab, National Transaction, Photo Flash Drive, Marathon Press, and a few more industry partners! Each presentation will include special giveaways from the sponsors and the best takeaway of all: fresh inspiration!

More Details of the Bubble Trailer Light Tour:

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