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Bubble Trailer Light Tour 2019

The official public Launch of a 10 week (70 days), 13,000 mile tour across America and back with professional photographer and educator Suzette Allen, her husband, Jon Yoshinaga and their beloved 13’ trailer and mascot, ‘Ms. Bubble Trailer’!

The Cross-Country National Road Trip and Tour is supporting Watts of Love, ( a non-profit organization bringing solar lights to families and homes without electricity to some of the world’s poorest regions, and will launch Friday Sept 6, 2019 from Bay Photo in Scotts Valley, CA.

GOAL: A fun Send-Off for the nation-wide Bubble Trailer Light Tour to

Travel Light, See the Light and Be the Light! #LightandLove


Sept 6, 2019, 3:00-3:30 PM at Bay Photo Lab 920 Disc Drive Scotts Valley, CA 95066


This photo education tour will share the light and feature 20 Photography Classes at Camera dealers, photo guilds, associations and meetups, and 20 picturesque photo stops (ie. Yellowstone, Niagara Falls, Zion Nat Park, Florida Keys, etc) and they will be visiting approx. 30 Professional Photographers along the way as well, sharing social posts about what they are doing, teaching and learning (raising awareness of Photo EDU all across America).

The tour starts at the Pacific Ocean and goes to the Atlantic Ocean, turns south the to the Florida Keys and back. A little over 13,000 miles! The bookends: West Coast: Bay Photo Lab in CA to East Coast: Panasonic LUMIX in Newark NJ

For more tour information visit:

For information about the Bay Photo Launch

contact: Glen A. Clark, Sales Manager

(831) 475-6686 or (800) 435-6686 ext. 114

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