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Looking Glass Photo, Berkeley, CA

"Put them in Beautiful Light"

Aug 24, 2019

10:15 -11:15am

Keynote portion: HOW TO light, pose, flatter and interact with subjects for great portraits.


Outdoor Location shoot Demonstrating Off camera Flash, Reflectors, Light modifiers—Learn to balance available light with flash as well as modifying harsh light for great portraits.

Flattering light is KEY for portraits on location but sometimes the light isn’t ideal! Learn how to not only modify harsh light to be great for portraits with scrims, reflectors, etc, but also how to balance off camera flash to look natural in a less than ideal or even a hostile lighting condition! We will be shooting at the worst time of day to learn how to leverage the tools and get great portraits regardless!

Level, beginners or intermediates, or advanced who are not confident with off camera flash outdoors.

You should be familiar with your camera. If you have a speedlight, bring it, (and bring your soft box too, if you have one). No problem if you don’t have or bring either. We will be sharing the flash triggers.

If you have your own reflectors/scrims, bring that too, since there will be opps to shoot and practice with the model and each other during the demo. (hey-bring a friend!)

Class 10:15-12:30 (Maximum 15 students)

 Bio: Suzette Allen (Cr.Photog., CPP, API) With Jon Yoshinaga, (Cr.Photog.)

Suzette Allen, Lumix Ambassador and Adobe Influencer, is a long- time Photoshop instructor (18 yrs) and Hybrid pioneer who continues to reinvent herself to stay current with the changing landscape of photography. She loves to capture the beauty of people and nature; seeing through rose-tinted glasses and the eye of a lens is how she most enjoys experiencing life. Majoring on creativity and innovation has become a hallmark of her style and a continual driving force toward sharing her creativity with the world. She passionately creates and shares her visions as an educator, since she loves to TEACH creativity as much as she loves people and photographic art! She is assisted by her talented techy husband Jon, who brings lots of knowledge and 30 years of experience to the table as well. Follow Suzette’s journey of creativity

Portrait Lighting Class

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