Dury’s is excited to announce that we will be presenting the Mid-South Photo Expo and Shootout.

The Mid-South Photo Expo will be an interactive hands on event for photo enthusiasts from beginners to seasoned professionals. The 3-day event will be held August 17-19 at the beautiful Marriott Cool Springs in Franklin TN. The event will feature hands on classes, live photo shoots, industry leading speakers and a fantastic merchandise trade show.

Suzette and Jon will be teaching a portrait class on Saturday and lead a photowalk on Sunday evening.

Put Them in a Beautiful Light:

by Suzette Allen and Jon Yoshinaga

Lighting can make your images literally come to life or be dull and life-less. Our goal as portrait photographers is to make a flattering portrait and be a modern day Historian but also to do it creatively so it is worthy of the wall… Portrait Art. My personal mission is to capture timeless images and preserve family history and memories, but do it in an artful way, making portraits of people and their loved ones that they are proud of, they feel like they look good and they want to look at them for a long time…(hopefully on their walls!).

To accomplish this, we need to know the classic skills of good lighting, flattering posing, and how to show relationships and connection or emotion. We also need to know good composition, storytelling and just be able to connect with people to draw out their natural personalities. That part may be a psychology course, but we will certainly hit on the photography topics!

Lighting for Portraits

Different than for other subjects Needs to be Directional but soft-A soft light source is most flattering. Hard shows flaws, texture and mistakes. Flatter the Body by cross-lighting and putting in shadow, but light the mask of the face.

Elements of Good Portrait Light:

Main Light creates shape, (vital) Fill light fills shadows, (vital) Hair or kicker light creates separation from background (optional)

Identify Light Patterns on the Face:

Loop Light -Short and Broad -Split Light- Rembrandt Light -Butterfly- Clamshell Light Modified Clamshell -Flawless Light

Learn how to modify available light too:

Recognize/Choose good light or modify with reflectors, scrims, flash or LED.

Posing and clothing tips:

Good Better Best- “show off the best, hide the rest!” Mix n Match- tips to share with your clients/subjects

Composition Strategies, especially for groups:

How to pose a group And arrange them well 

Expression interaction and Variety!!

Camera and Lens Choices:

Understand which lenses are best for portraits and why. Light has a lot to do with it! Have confidence on which lens to start with if you are building your equipment selection. How and when to use specialty lenses.

Lighting options: LED or Flash? Which ones and when? Can you get by with just natural light?

This class will be a load of information and help you feel more confident with portraits and especially groups on location where the variables are off the charts. Jon, my husband and assisitant will be here to share his perspective on working as a team as well.


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