Make the Magic!

Composites with Complexity and Creativity

Composites are quickly becoming the hallmark of creativity among photographers because it opens the doors and flings open the windows of our imagination and storytelling ability! Done well, a composite can either look like a true single capture OR a magical impossible image that LOOKS like a photograph! Either way, our visual voice takes on a dimension we have never known and the spark of imagination ignites our creativity fires once again!

Suzette Allen, Adobe Influcencer and Photoshop Instructor of 18 years, will share the little-known tricks for blending and cutting out images for seamless composites, whether they are for business portraits, Fine Art or Multimedia(Hybrid). But it is also the tips for realism…. Correct shadows, depth of field, etc. You will come away with the techniques you need for realizing your imagination, whatever it may look like!


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