APRIL 23 & 24, 3-5PM

Suzette Allen and Jon Yoshinaga, LUMIX Ambassadors


Master the Light on Location with Lumix/Godox

Take an excursion off site with LUMIX Ambassadors, Suzette Allen and Jonny Yo to learn how to find (recognize) good light for portraits, modify it and make it better. Learn some posing for couples and headshots for connection and flattery as well. See how to choose not only locations but lenses and settings for the best headshots and couples portraits. Lighting is Key—learn to recognize good light on location and modify it with reflectors and scrims, but also make it better with flash! We will demonstrate GODOX speedlights and strobes that work with either TTL or manual, as well as Lumix features to make exposure and portraits easy.

Learn the trick to make it look like natural light, not flash! Lumix also has the ability to do High Speed Sync—Flash fill or flash in full sun is a fabulous fashion look!

You will learn:

*Recognize (or create) good portrait light on location

*Modify natural light (all kinds) for faces and portraits

*Balance lighting with flash on location

*Pose couples for flattery and connection

*Choose backgrounds/lenses for headshots on location

*Work with TTL flash (godox speedlights) for mobility and flexibility on location

*Use high speed sync for portraits in sun


Bring an SD card for use in a LUMIX camera (we have lots to loan and try!)

OR bring your own camera.

IF you already own a GODOX controller, bring it! (we will only have a few to pass around & share).

Reflectors and scrims will be demonstrated if you want to bring your own as well.

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