Lumix S Full Frame System --

Ultimate resolution. Professional performance. 

Pre-release Touch & Try Event.

On March 30th, come to San Jose Camera to learn about and try the new Panasonic S cameras and S Pro lenses. This event will start off with a presentation from a Lumix Representative to go over some of the advanced features and capabilities of these new cameras. Learn about the new lens mount and how LUMIX S PRO lenses boast ultimate optical performance certified by LEICA. After the presentation see the camera in action.

Panasonic Luminary Suzette Allen will demonstrate different capabilities of the S1 cameras and show you the quality during a live photo shoot. The event concludes by giving you a chance to try out the camera.

Get a hands-on feel for the S1 or S1R as you will be able to use the camera and different lenses and experience the performance and quality yourself. Bring your own SD card if you want to take your test images home with you. Registration is required for this event and space is limited. Don’t miss the chance to try out the new S1 & S1R before they are released.

Proposed schedule:

10am-10:30am – Check-in, Touch & Try on the counter

10:30am-11:15am – Camera presentation

11:15am-12pm – Location Headshots presentation with Suzette

12pm-?? - Touch & Try on the counter

Location Headshots On the GO!

Dynamic Location Headshots are a vital part of representing yourself in business and many modern business people want the more natural, authentic look of a  location portrait instead of the studio look. Traveling light and being nimble with light modification is key to making headshot sessions quick and painless and still get dynamic, well-lit portraits.

Learn to modify available light to get great business or talent headshots in urban or corporate/city locations. Choosing the right background, depth of field and angle of light is key for flattery and impact. Learn when to use off camera flash or LED lights for fill or kickers, and how to use reflectors, scrims, and black panels to get a professional corporate headshot look in many different locations and lighting scenarios.

Using mirrorless cameras allows us not only to travel lighter but to leverage the technology of today to get the best portraits. Focusing tools, zebras, TTL flash, and even video features all help to make the business of headshots on location easier than ever.

Suzette will share her techniques for lighting, posing, background choices, lens choice, and camera settings for great headshots.

Sponsored by Panasonic Lumix.

Instruction by Suzette Allen and Jon Yoshinaga, Lumix Ambassadors

Bio: Suzette Allen has been a portrait photographer over 20 years and is passionate about sharing her craft with other entreprenuers. Lighting is the key to any portrait and with Jon’s 30 years experience in the industry as well, the two of them make a great team, teaching how to leverage technology to get great portraits on location. They have a studio in Northern California and spend half of their time traveling and teaching other photographers and photo enthusiasts alike.


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