BT in SC redwoods CIRCLE METAL

Well, our BIG DREAM is a coast-to-coast USA trip with Bubble Trailer this fall..... a big adventure for sure! So our Northern Cal Mini-Tour is literally a "test run" (or a feasibility study, really)!

.....How much time do we need between events? How much social media can we really do from the trailer? Is wifi in campgrounds a reality? How mobile are we, really? Have we learned how to Travel Light? Can we camp and still look presentable at our photo events? LOL.... so many questions in our minds when we think about 8 weeks on the road in a 13' trailer!  

But we are ready to risk and  'Live the Dream'...... so join us on our adventures as we learn to travel lighter, blog and share and #createontheGo! Our #MobileArtLife is unfolding before us-- join us on the journey and lets have FUN, simply being creative!

Suzette and Jon (and @BubbleTrailer) :D

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