PPSV: Professional Photographers of Sacramento Valley

Jan 30, 2019


Suzette Allen Cr.Photog., CPP, API

Lumix Ambassador, Adobe Influencer

Take a journey of discovery to reignite your creativity- to figure out what you truly love to create! Not just what you have always done, or felt expected to do, or what used to pay the bills. (…or what you see others producing). Our passion and delight for photography is rekindled as we are willing to take the journey of self-discovery and introspection and find out what is our “bliss” , our core, perhaps even our calling. We will explore and develop what makes us feel creatively alive!  

“In my journey, I learned to give myself permission to create fresh work, to pursue a fresh perspective or approach that inspired me! I focused on “my bliss” which involved photographing flowers, beautiful places and light, painterly enhancements and storytelling, with stills and even some motion (video). What happened was a total shift from stale to innovative, blah to colorful, boring to compelling, and it changed my attitude from avoidance and self-criticism to motivation and creative confidence!”             -Suzette Allen  

Join Suzette on the journey of discovering your own bliss and enjoy some fun, creative projects to create fresh work, and bring a growth spurt in your imaging skills too. You will learn a bit of Photoshop, painting magic, compositing, creative presentations and even a bit of motion. It’s a beautiful time to be creative and develop your visual voice—by finding and Following YOUR Bliss!  

Five Course Benefits

See how to start the journey of self-discovery to find YOUR bliss

Learn how to cut out subjects and change backgrounds quickly with Photoshop

Understand how to manage video clips in Photoshop and layers

Get a taste of how easy it is to paint with Mixer Brushes in Photoshop

Learn to be a better Storyteller and strengthen your Visual Voice

Bliss Mix

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