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Powervision 360’s Video Marketing Strategy Event Keynote Speaker, at Dinner Saturday Night, Oct 6, 2018

Video in Marketing: Fuel your Strategy for Success!

By Suzette Allen, Photographic Artist & Educator

**Compelling ** Riveting ** Attention-Getting ** Mood-Altering **Entertaining**

Yes, we want our marketing to be ALL those things – Whatever will get clients to LOOK and capture their attention in the overload of information that floods us everyday. How do we get SEEN and HEARD these days in our Marketing Strategy? The methods have changed and it’s actually good news!

I’m Suzette Allen, Photographic Artist and Educator, and I’ve been pursuing video (well, actually a HYBRID of video and stills) for the past 7 years and have not only seen it change my personal vision and methods of communicating, but watched the marketplace change dramatically in how we get our message out there! Social Media platforms are dominated by moving images, print media is being replaced by dynamic moving media- it is everywhere! We buzz past so much we see, but a few things stop us in our tracks; 90% of the time it is compelling Video!

I want to share some of the creative ways you can leverage MOTION and VIDEO to beef up your Marketing Strategy and get more visibility and attention. Honestly, you don’t need to become a video guru and start making short films. There are many ways to add motion quickly and easily to what you are already doing (a hybrid approach) using apps on your phone or tablet, with inexpensive mirrorless cameras, and a host of other fun options like cinemagraphs and simple animation of text in your posts! The market is getting accustomed to MOVEMENT, and there are more ways to add motion to your marketing media than you think.

Join me in this fun smorgasbord of creative ideas, a little how-to, a bit of entertainment and a whole lot of inspiration to take your marketing strategy up a few notches! There will be portions for every level, whether you have never done a video and only have a smartphone, or you are a video enthusiast and pro shooter! Pair this inspiration with all the strategy of the weekend and you will be ready to MOVE on your marketing journey!


You hear about it all the time - video is the key to increasing your subscriber list and to bringing in new business. But its not just about creating a video with the right tools, but rather its about the strategy that goes into creating a carefully orchestrated and planned out campaign to promote your products and services.

Hi, I’m Suzette Allen and I want to tell you about a very special workshop with my friends Brad and Suzanne from PowerVision360 Productions. The workshop is happening in Scottsdale, Arizona on October 5th, 6th and 7th.

This three day intensive workshop is designed to help you implement a framework for creating strategic video campaigns in just 30 days. The workshop is a complete start to finish solution and I’m pleased to be the keynote speaker for the Saturday night dinner! I’ll be at the workshop to answer your questions about creating videos, special tools and tips that make video a more resourceful tool than just images alone.

As a Panasonic Ambassador and an Adobe Influencer, I can guide you through the process and demonstrate what works for professionals in basic language that any business owner can understand and follow. Along with my partner Jon Yoshinaga, I want to invite you to register today for this workshop - space is limited to only 35 participants and I really would like to see you there. It’s an opportunity to learn the tricks that make video such an exciting medium for marketing any business or service. I’ll have a special gift for you as a thank you for signing up today.


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