Lightroom: Make Your Images Amazing (without taking forever)

SUNDAY August 5, 2018 8-11am

Our eyes see so much more in an image that our cameras can capture. But with Raw, (and jpgs, to a lesser degree), there is SO much more beauty and dimension to be seen in them! Learn how to draw out the very best in your photos and do it with real efficiency with Lightroom CC Classic. (Desktop version, not cloud version).

Suzette will share her best workflow habits, systems and methods from over 20 years of experience as a portrait photographer. PLUS, you will learn some great bonus tools like how to edit and trim videos! Your images have never looked so good in so little time! She will be processing the images from the portrait class on Saturday, plus images from other subjects (landscapes, commercial, video, etc), so you will learn the tools you need for all types of photography.

BIO:  Suzette Allen (Cr.Photog., CPP, API)

With Jon Yoshinaga, (Cr.Photog.)

Suzette Allen, Lumix Luminary and Adobe Influencer, is a long- time Photoshop instructor (18 yrs) and Hybrid pioneer who continues to reinvent herself to stay current with the changing landscape of photography. She loves to capture the beauty of people and nature; seeing through rose-tinted glasses and the eye of a lens is how she most enjoys experiencing life. Majoring on creativity and innovation has become a hallmark of her style and a continual driving force toward sharing her creativity with the world. She passionately creates and shares her visions as an educator, since she loves to TEACH creativity as much as she loves people and photographic art! She is assisted by her talented techy husband Jon, who brings lots of knowledge and 30 years of experience to the table as well.

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