2018-05-20 GLIP - SuzetteAllen

Suzette Allen, Cr.Photog. API, CPP, Lumix Ambassador, Adobe Influencer

Jon Yoshinaga, Cr. Photog., Lumix Ambassador

MULTIMEDIA: Adding Impact with Movement and Music

In this world of moving imagery everywhere, it is vital that photographers learn to embrace videos and create at least hybrid multimedia products to stay relevant in the market. ReelStories are a powerful way to capture much more than is possible with a still image. By combining stills, short video clips, music (and perhaps audio), you can stir the hearts of the viewer and tell much more powerful and emotional stories!

Even fine artists or travel photographers can benefit from interactive bios or albums and coffee table books, utilizing AR [augmented reality] technology to create an unforgettable visual experience.

Join Suzette Allen, hybrid pioneer and Lumix Ambassador, along with her techie husband, Jon Yoshinaga to learn how to properly capture video, efficiently manage files, and easily trim and edit them with Lightroom, Photoshop and Photodex.

You will learn to make slow motion magic, cinemagraphs, and Live Portraits with video clips, as well as capture good audio for Talking Business cards and other commercial applications.

Authenticity and emotional appeal are natural byproducts of communicating with video, and leveraging those tools will change the way you capture life--Your images will come alive and tell stories that will captivate your viewers like never before!

You will learn:

Video settings

Filming techniques

Editing and trimming video

Creating a slow motion video

Combining video and stills to create a hybrid product

Add music and credits to videos

Use Lightroom and Photoshop CC to edit video

Create Reel Stories with Photodex software

Create a Talking Business Card and help write scripts/coach

Use microphones and audio tools

Use continuous lighting

Capture motion in nature and create interactive stories

Create Albums or books that are activated with videos

*Class includes a full day photo/video excursion day to Macinac Island!

Sponsored by Panasonic Lumix, PhotoDex and Bay Photo

Live Portrait Samples

HYBRID VIDEO LINKS: (watch these to get a feel for what we will create in class)

Josie Perfect Morning https://youtu.be/icXGbnL4s5E

Kiss Frenzy https://youtu.be/DCj73AkLx0o

Expecting Teddy https://youtu.be/5y7UBG8MKYs

Alli-Catt https://youtu.be/e0RS3BfSCXE

Fun Family in Canada https://youtu.be/Quf1L4gzecU

Lutz Family in Texas https://youtu.be/oWtIRNs-lfw

Oliver Girls Boogie https://youtu.be/dZcwWXrJgFY

Kassy & James https://youtu.be/f0hIzOgV1sk

Rachel & Sienna https://youtu.be/1T9_TfKuyiQ

Sunset Swirl https://youtu.be/IdZgzb8QBMA

Feliz Navidad -Tickled https://youtu.be/50yTpUZUSQU

Josie so Fab https://youtu.be/yYacOGpA_7U

Lovebirds at Laquan https://youtu.be/zOs-Jzv-SIg

Kim Polote, Southern Songstress https://youtu.be/E7TNkNHF5B4

Nola Hoopster https://youtu.be/TSzL6h0GogQ

Kori Grad Card https://youtu.be/PvSXiS3bjIk

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