Saturday, Jan 27, 9am-10:15am

Social Media Panel

Suzette (and Jamie House too) will  be a participant in a round table panel of photographers talking about how to use Social Media for marketing and exposure.

Friday Jan 26, 8:30a-9:30am

Senior Portrait Lighting and Posing Demonstration

Suzette Allen and Jamie House,

Sponsored by Panasonic Lumix All levels

Senior Portraits~ we try to make it Fast AND Dynamic!—how do you get the best of both worlds?

Join Suzette Allen, [an experienced low-volume photographer and educator] with Jamie House, [a young photographer] and see how to blend the best of the two worlds together with fast and easy lighting for all faces and styles, and quick, flattering posing for all body types and genders.

The goal is to have a solid system with your Basic Money-Shots and Fail-Proof Lighting, and then have a plan for diversions from there, depending on the client and the time!

Hear from Suzette and Jamie from both of their perspectives on how to make the most of the time (and space) you have, using flash and continuous lighting, with basic posing tools and simple (or no) props.

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