Learn Your Lumix!

Point and Shoots, Fixed Lens Cameras (FZ) and G series


PLUS Optional Outdoor Photowalk (weather permitting)  afterward, yes in the snow.

Suzette Allen, Photographic Artist

Lumix Ambassador, Adobe Influencer

Panasonic LUMIX Mirrorless cameras bring so much MORE to the table than people realize! Incredible features and technology we have never even had before in our pocket-sized or fixed lens cameras!

Suzette is a Lumix Master [and definitely, an enthusiast] and will show you HOW to use all the fabulous features you have at your disposal with your Lumix camera! She is joined by her husband and fellow Lumix Ambassador,, Jon Yoshinaga, in this hands-on class, and they are both fluent with most of the models, including the ZS series, LX series,  FZ series and G series cameras. They will show you examples and even give exercises to help you learn the ropes of shooting with Lumix Cameras and having fun. Having confidence when you shoot can make all the difference, so they will help you be prepared and ready for your next adventure!

As professional photographers of over 20 years, Suzette and Jon will help you not only understand HOW things work but WHY you need them! Join them in this hands-on class and learn what a powerful camera you actually have in your new LUMIX!

Topics Featured:

Viewing & Operating Features:

EVF, Monitor, Constant Preview, and Auto Review, Wifi File Transfer, Touch Screen, etc.

Exposure Systems and Tools:

iA, Program/Aperture/Shutter/Manual settings, Compensation, Zebras, and more.

Creativity and Artistic Tools:

Filters, Creative Settings, Time Lapse, Panorama, Photo Styles, B&W, Macro.

Focusing Tools and Modes:

Single Auto, Continuous, Face Detect, Manual, Focus Peaking, Post Focus, Assists.

Motion Tools:

Video button, Video settings, Time Lapse creation in camera, video tricks.

Special requests:

Suzette and Jon are friendly, approachable and knowledgeable! They’d love to help you figure out your camera so you can get the best pictures!

There will be plenty of time for questions.


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