Class is small and personal and Hands-On!!

Cost  $39, 3 hour class. and includes a $25 gift certificate for Samy's!

OCT 22 SUNDAY @ Orange County Store & Rentals


3309b S. Bristol St.

Santa Ana, CA 92704

Telephone: 714-557-9400


Family Portraiture

Join Suzette Allen, Portrait Artist, and learn how to work with families to capture the love and relationships in beautiful portraits and Live Portraits!

As a pro photographer over 20 years, Suzette has embraced modern technology and mirrorless cameras to expand her portraits into hybrid moving portraits as well!  In this informative class, she will show you how she poses, lights, and directs her subjects to capture their personality and provide pleasing compositions and groupings for wall portraits. Along with that, capturing her subjects in 4K video also allows her to freeze THAT moment of fun or sweet expression and fleeting glances, in high enough resolution to make wall portraits from the video frames! No kidding. (Come to see the wall portrait samples!)

From couples with newborns to large families of multiple family groupings, you will see how to capture the connections and priceless memories your clients and families will love! 

Posing strategies (large and small groups)

Interaction ideas

Family groupings and breakdowns for large groups 

Planning for wall portrait groupings 

Location choices 

When to use 4K video 

How to extract frames from 4K 

Motion segments for hybrid portraits 

Capturing emotion


Kiss Frenzy

Expecting Teddy

Dreilich Family

Lutz Family in Austin

Oliver Girls in Savannah

Kassy & James

Rachel & Sienna

Swilley Family by the Lake

Sunset Swirl

Feliz Navidad -Tickled

Oliver Christmas on the couch

Josie Perfect Morning

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