Held at the Hilton Garden Inn in Bozeman MT.

Saturday, 8:15 am meet at Lindley Pavilion

8:30-9:30  Class at Lindley Park

Hands-On, Outdoor Portrait Lighting & Posing

Finding Beautiful Light

When it comes to portraiture, we all know that expression is the number one requirement for success. The number two most vital element is great lighting! But how do you consistently find Good Light in the vast range of settings and backgrounds we shoot in?

Suzette Allen, a portrait photographer of over 20 years, will take you on an en-lightening journey of finding good light even in difficult environments. First, knowing how to light a face and recognizing good portrait light is key, but also modifying light and harnessing the elements of nature and architecture to refine it is a vital skill for any environmental photographer. This walk- about hands-on workshop will change the way you see light and photograph people forever!

Finding Beautiful Light

Sunday Noonish

Here with Me:Tell the ReelStory

Visual Artistry: learn to tell your stories with impact and raise the bar by incorporating video to tell the ReelStory!

We all have stories and experiences to share, and one of the best ways to do so is with photographs. After all, a photograph is worth a thousand words, right? Capturing images with impact and perspective can completely change the message, and utilizing lenses and lighting can make all the difference. Capturing a variety of perspectives of a subject is also a great way to tell stories (and even makes engaging books!) See the process of seeing with new eyes and visually exploring your subjects to tell a better story. Also learn to incorporate video to make it so real…it’s as if you were “Here With Me”. See AND experience in a fresh visual way, adding motion to stir the viewer and capture the essence of your story in motion.

Ritual of Honor

Lavendar Sunshine

Ghost Town Weekend

Delicate Arch

Aspen Glory

Boston Lakeside n Bees

Here with Me

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