September 16th, 10am - 4pm: Full Day Shooting/Post-Processing:

September 16th, 1:00pm - 4pm: Afternoon Post Processing Only:



September 16, 2017

Suzette Allen, Portrait Artist, educator, Lumix Luminary

Full day class sponsored by Panasonic.

Lighting for Portraits (and Live Portraits)

Join Lumix Luminary Suzette Allen as she walks an intimate class through the process of creating beautiful portraits indoors and outdoors, images that combine elements of still photography and a little video.

Saturday 10am-12pm for a Small group, Hands-On Live Photoshoot Saturday 1:30-4pm for a Classroom post-processing class


Morning Segment, will be a two-hour Portrait Lighting

segment with a model to show good lighting on the face (lighting patterns and technique) then a segment outdoors to show how to do it in outdoor natural light (worst time of the day) We will provide models and reflectors and continuous lights for the shoot.

This portrait intensive workshop will give you the basic tools and perspective you need to do portraits indoors or outside. Learn posing, lighting and composing to create still portraits [and a little bonus of some movement with video!]

Afternoon Segment, Post Processing Magic,

will be platform style workshop at the Roberts Camera classroom. You will see the workflow process with images taken earlier in the day using Lightroom and Photoshop. We will select and refine the image in Lr, and retouch and enhance in Ps, but ALSO include a bit of video editing with Lr and Ps as well, showing you how to create a short Live Portrait product! 

What we'll cover in the Portrait Workshop: (limited to 15 attendees)

Lighting patterns on the face- how to flatter

Accent lighting for dimension

Using continuous lights in studio or home location

Portraits indoors and outdoors

Shooting video clips for Hybrid Portraits

How to pose an individual to enhance beauty

Hands-on shooting with models

Creating available light portraits

How to find good light

Using reflectors and Scrims

Video Basics for a Hybrid Portrait

Using LED or Continuous lighting

What to bring:

Camera and Fully charged battery

Spare battery (if you own one)


Memory cards

Business cards to share with our models

What we will cover in the Post Process Creation day:

(just bring a notebook)

Lightroom Importing

Lightroom Adjustments

Lightroom Syncing

Lightroom Presest (make and use)

Lightroom View and trim video

Lightroom Export

Creating Live Portraits

Create a Hybrid show with Pro Show Web

Photoshop Refinements

Photoshop Retouching

Photohsop Blending Modes

Photoshop Layers and Layer masking

Extracting frames from 4K video with Lr, Ps

Create a slow motion video with PScc

Suzetteā€™s website:

Check out these Hybrid Show links:

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Laughing Family Christmas (tickled)

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Kori Jump

Kori Dance

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