Photographic Art:

Release your Vision, your Creativity and your Truth

Understand your visual strengths and imaging tools and learn to communicate visually with more confidence and clarity.  Expand your perspective and see with new eyes; take a spiritual journey and connect with others by illustrating your vision and your truth.

Photography is a language of its own, able to communicate a depth and complexity beyond other art mediums. The eyes perceive entire stories in mere moments with the use of symbolism, light, composition and expression. Expand your skills on a creative and spiritual [visual] journey and learn to tell your stories with more emotion and impact than ever!

#suzettesays #seewithneweyes #findyourvisualvoice  

Monday Evening Class

6:15pm meet at center camp; 6:45pm go out to shoot [7:31 sunset]

Tuesday Evening  Class

6:15pm meet at center camp; 6:45pm go out to shoot [7:31 sunset]

Wednesday Sunrise Class

5:20am meet at _____ TBD,  5:45am go out to shoot [6:13 sunrise]

Burning Man 2017: Radical Ritual

Our Camp is Journeys,  located at  Genuflect & 4:15

Journeys is where your spirit and mind come into divine convergence through love. Stop off the chaotic road and get refreshed with vision, hope and dreams. Cool off in our tent by day and dance at night with DJ mixes that will heal your spirit. Come sign up for our creative photography class to capture your spiritual journey through the eyes of a lens. Spiritual expression of who you are, true self, Spiritual readings to empower your journey, healing into hope Bring in the light, inner grounding, soul filling, releasing negativity, Emotional Healing sessions with emotion code technique.

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