Hybrid Projects created in our Classes

 Hybrid (Photos+Videos+Audio) is the Hot Topic of the year!! Below are some actual projects we filmed and/or created in  our hands on workshops this year! Don't underestimate the value of Hands-On, immersion Learning and Doing! You will come away with the confidence you need to tackle this new creative facet of imaging and stay on the cutting edge of technology! Motion is captivating and motivating. Harness the power to keep your business on the path to success!

Suz 2013 dec

Talking Business Cards

Student Biz Card

Promo Followup Video

Class Projects

Student Projects

Florida School 2014

Custom Class Project (thank-you video!)

Class project with students contributing stills and videos. Show was created with Photodex ProShow Producer

West Coast School

We are making the school highlights show a standard class assignment. The images and video clips were part of the class assignment to document the different classes and activities. Photodex Proshow Producer was used to create the show and the music, "Sailing" by Jaymie Gerard was provided by Triple Scoop Music.

Hilarious School Group Photo (filmed/edited by Suzette&Jon)

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