ASMP & PAC in Phoenix

Nov 17, 2016

“How to Captivate People with your Photography: MAKE IT MOVE!”

Honestly, our culture is inundated with images and jaded to photography in a big way. Images are coming at us from all sides and the visual engagement is continual! So HOW do you get people [clients] to LOOK? OK, really, we want more than that. We want them to STARE!-Be CAPTIVATED! The name of the game is to capture their attention, whether it be for commercial purposes, advertising, marketing or even storytelling. If you don’t capture their attention, they wont look long enough to see your story.

So how do we add Movement without a ton of extra work and gear and time…..? Well, there are actually many fun ways to do it with a Hybrid approach, combining your still images and movement for a Captivating Multimedia Product that will get people to look—Or Stare!

Join us this month to see how Suzette Allen, Lumix Luminary and Adobe Influencer adds movement to her images and portraits to get a dynamic multimedia product that either starts as a video or has a video that lives in the print. Her Talking Business Cards are one of the hottest hybrid products she sells! The possibilities are endless, the creativity is exciting, the process is easier than you think and you will enjoy the presentation whether its your cup of tea or not!

Here’s a surprise! She will show you how to edit video in Lightroom and Photoshop CC! It is not necessary to purchase and master Premier or Final Cut to do this! You have the tools you need, even if you are not already in the video production stream. She will also show you how to create “Flixels” or cinemagraphs and how they can be a powerful tool for advertising and marketing because they “make you stare”!

Join Suzette Allen and her techie husband Jon Yoshinaga for an inspiring evening of creativity and motion, taking photography to new creative heights. Remember, a photographer in today’s market is expected to do stills AND motion. If you’re not already moving in that direction, you NEED to!

Sponsored by Panasonic Lumix

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