2016-11-16 AZ PSLR EveryPhoto Day Two - SuzetteAllen

Before & After Samples

Join Suzette for an intimate Small Group class on mastering Image Enhancement in Photoshop and Lightroom!

Develop a workflow system that is efficient AND effective in organizing and beautifying your images, starting with Lightroom (for max efficiency) and ending in Photoshop (for max creativity and control). Working non-destructively gets the best results AND the most control. Learning the BEST way to accomplish digital tasks will give you not only speed, but confidence and consistency in your editing! 

"Day Two [NOV16]" will be focused on a variety of different types of photography (landscape, commercial, floral, travel, macro, etc) 

There is also a "Day One [NOV 15]" which will be focused on Portraits and Portrait Enhancements


BTW, you can save $95 by signing up for both and get lots of other benefits as well! (see reg link for details!)

If you have questions or special requests, please contact me, Suzette, at suzette@suzetteallen.com! 

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