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October 14, 2016  

7-9pm  $49

Suzette Allen, Lumix Luminary, Photographic Craftsman, Certified Professional Photographer, Approved Photographic Instructor with PPA, Professional Photographers of America

“My unique approach: flowing seamlessly between stills/video capturing more life and impact in my images & storytelling. I believe that photographers need to be capable of creating a hybrid product that embraces movement [and emotion] along with their still photos, in order to be relevant today.”

Suzette will be showing how to take a variety of images and video, editing them to short clips, and creating compelling vidoes and slide shows with dynamic transitions, themes and music using PhotoDex’s ProShowWeb! It is cross-platform, easy to use, and full of so many features, you will be delighted at the variety and styles possible with one simple subscription. The perfect presentation form for travel, landscapes, events, portraits or just image portfolios.

PSW is available as a free trial indefinitely, so come and try it out for yourself with no risk! www.photodex.com

Beginning to advanced level, hands-on, mac or pc.


Suzette has been a portrait artist for 30 years, and Photoshop instructor for 15 years, and more recently, a Hybrid/mirrorless instructor for 3 years. She helps photographers become well-rounded and skilled to become the next generation of image enthusiast; ones who are fluent in photographing stills AND video, and capable using image editing software as well. She lives in Sacramento California with her husband Jon and has a small studio there, but they travel a lot, teaching and shooting everywhere they go, teaching and sharing along the way. Suzette loves the creative process of not only shooting and refining the image with Photoshop/Lightroom/plugins, but also making hybrid videos that tell stories much deeper and more meaningful than a still capture. Portraits, especially, will come to life with bits of video [and LivePortrait], but even scenics and landscapes become interactive art when combined creativity with video!!

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