October 6, 2016

Glazer's Camera, in Seattle WA

“Here With Me” Photography that is more than meets the eye.

Sponsored by Panasonic Lumix

Photography is the ultimate storyteller, giving our imaginations the tools to reveal our visions, whether they be real or imagined. But the words and visual impressions go much deeper when combined with multimedia. Video, Audio, music, motion…. All the elements work together to tell your stories and re-live not only what you saw, but what was around you, how you felt, and what you heard or imagined! Multimedia is the current storyteller of today, and harnessing the tools and technology to combine it with printed works will launch you into a new creative space!

Join Suzette Allen, Creative Visionary, Lumix Luminary, & Adobe Influencer and experience how she sees the world around her. With interactive images of people and places, you can see in a new way, hearing and perceiving more than meets the eye! Her pioneering work with hybrid (a creative combination of photo+video+audio), has blossomed into fresh works of creative imagery utilizing Photoshop and other image tools. Be inspired and equipped to create as she shares her vision and process.

Suzette is not your typical artist--her 30-year career as a photographer, depth of computer skills and Photoshop wizardry is the basis for an inspirational and instructional program that will not only inspire but also teach you some fresh and exciting techniques in 4K video, Photoshop and Lightroom too!

To View Hybrid Multimedia images connected to images at left, click links below 

Boston Lakeside Bees :

Sunset Swirl :

Aspen Glory :

Sunrise Ritual :

Portal :

I Matter : 

RidgeRider :

Ritual of Honor : 

Yosemite :

Colors of Napa :

Lavendar Sunshine :

Box of Hope :

Motorcycle Momma :

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