@IMAGE ONE in Riverside

July 23-24, 2016

4 Parts, each 3-hour segments [No filming or recording permitted]

Level 1-2 on Saturday, Level 3-4 on Sunday

Targeted at both portraiture and travel photography with demos using both

Level One: Hybrid How~Get Started Right

Learn to use the fresh new mirrorless features and take advantage of technology! Video is easier than ever, and Suzette will help you set up your camera, know what settings are best, how and why to shoot in 4K, and how to shoot for a hybrid show, artistically combining stills photos and motion clips! Tools, settings and inspiring examples of what can be done will make this segment as entertaining as it is informative! No computer needed, but bring a notebook for notes, details and ideas! A must-see, if even just to know what is NEXT in the world of photography!


How to shoot for a Hybrid piece (goals/approach)

Using a [Lumix] mirrorless camera (and fresh features)[GH4, GX8, G7, FZ1000]

Video Settings/frame rates/shutter options, etc. [shutter speed/aperture/ISO/framerate examples]

4K Video and 4K Photo (difference and why/when to use)

Tools (tripod, slides, monopod, ND filters, SD cards, etc)

Custom white balance: Color Checker Passport, targets

What to shoot: motion (portraits and travel/landscape)

Level Two: Workflow using Lightroom®/ProShowWeb®

Once you take some videos and still photos, you’ll need to choose, trim, enhance, export and create your stunning shows! This segment will teach you how to do just that in the fastest and easiest way with Lightroom! Then you will learn to make slideshows with ProShowWeb, and LivePortraits as well, where the still image literally comes to life as a video! Bonus tips on easy extractions from 4Kvideos to make wall portraits will also be covered!

Workflow using Lightroom®/ProShowWeb®

Download and import to Lightroom®

Filter, choose, rate, mark and trim

Edit, enhance & export

Create simple LivePortrait®

Create hybrid shows with ProshowWeb®

Download/Export/Share shows

Pull frames from 4k for prints and/or LivePortrait®

Level Three: Custom Creation with PhotoshopCC®

If you want to take your hybrid products and skills up a notch, Suzette will teach you how to use Photoshop CC to edit videos! Yes, it is easy and fun to make slow motion, add text, fades, freeze frames, music and make fabulous custom videos and hybrid shows using the world’s most capable image editing program, Photoshop! You’ll be surprised how easy it is to learn video editing, especially if you are already familiar with Photoshop! This is a super fun segment to see the ease and capability you never knew was at your fingertips!

Custom Creation with PhotoshopCC®

Using timeline and combining video/stills

Fades and blends, trims and freeze frames

Add music and logos or text

Rotate vertical videos for LivePortrait®

Using video groups Slow motion

Adding motion to stills & video clips

Exporting MP4s from PSCC®

Level Four: Audio & Microphones for Video or Blogs

Adding Audio to your videos increases the impact exponentially! But there’s a lot to learn with audio and microphones, so Suzette and her husband Jon, “the Sound Hound” will show you how to position, test, adjust and get the most out of your sound! This is invaluable for bloggers or photographers, especially for interviews, kids or just capturing the memories in a much more powerful way! This is excellent information for any level, and will give you a good understanding for the future, even if you are not ready to tackle audio today!  

Audio & Microphones for Video or Blogs

Using a microphone (diff models)

Adjusting, auto gain/limiter

Placement, testing

Live Audio demo for video blogs

Creating a video blog/promo in PSCC® or Premier Elements®

Posting/Hosting/Sharing videos

HYBRID BIO: Suzette Allen, Cr.Photog., CPP, API

With Jon Yoshinaga, Cr.Photog.

Photographic Craftsmen, Certified Professional Photographer, Approved Photographic Instructor

Suzette is one of the leading educators in our industry, teaching Adobe Photoshop for the past 15 years. She is now pioneering a new territory with Video, adding motion to her still photos to create Hybrid eProducts! Suzette and her husband Jonny are passionate about helping photographers to not only create, but to embrace new technology, tech terms and software! Suzette’s hands-on classes are co-taught with her techy husband Jonny, (former video guy and audio tech), so you get a well-rounded dose of right brain/left brain knowledge and a fun combo of personalities to boot! You will not only see how to film portrait vignettes for video highlights, but also get to film and create your own finished eProducts, and iron out the software snags to get you to a place of production! Creativity and solid education are Suzette and Jon’s hallmarks, and students rave about the way they help students get up to speed with new technology with tons of patience! Join them in learning a fresh new language of seeing/communicating, and open the possibilities of exciting new ways to visualize, document, create, and sell our photography!

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