MAP: Marketing Advantage Program

@ Marathon Press

July 13, 2016

The best way to keep your business successful and your clients excited is to keep it fresh and creative! Usually that means a bit of time investment, perhaps mastering Photoshop composites or fine tuning your posing skills and creating fresh sets in your studio. Well, with the masses of photographers and competition, its time to take it up a notch and learn a new skill that will not only excite your clients but set you head and shoulders above the competition! OH—and it will also bring in all kinds of new business- avenues you haven’t even explored yet! Are you ready to tackle video? [You know, your camera already has the capability… ] ☺

Let’s clarify though—we’re not talking about becoming a videographer, but just adding some video to your still photographic products to create desire and fresh products to sell. It is a Hybrid product. We call them Moving Portraits and Live Portraits. It’s also super powerful as a marketing tool. Can you imagine a wall portrait coming to life and becoming a video? It happens! And not just in Harry Potter movies! Live Portraits are a new and exciting product we offer with our wall portraits, Christmas cards, grad announcements and even family and wedding albums! Yes, the pages come alive with short clips of video.

But wait, there’s a lot more than that! Talking Business cards are the hottest rage and open the door to short commercials, website videos, image branding and more! The truth is, when you become a Hybrid photographer, you are instantly twice as valuable to your client. The future is coming, too, when a photographer will be expected to do BOTH stills and video. It will ALL be considered “photography”. Right now, we see a big gap between the two, with very different skill sets, but if you leverage your skills to embrace both, it makes you a prime choice when you are being considered for the job!

Marketing Edge is what you have when you can present yourself with both mediums! Create it first for yourself and then you can provide it for clients. It’s not like it happens overnight. There IS a learning curve and a few new skills to master, but honestly, you have most of the vital skills mastered already as a pro still photographer! That’s the great news!

So join Suzette Allen, hybrid photography pioneer, for an exciting day of Hybrid How-To! She will show you how to create hybrid products for a variety of clients and how to use it to market for yourself and your business. As an Adobe Photoshop instructor for 15 years, she is quite comfortable with software and tech terms, and will show you all the settings and ways to get the most out of your camera and even how to leverage 4K video and pull still frames out of it.

Jon, her husband and assistant is the ‘Sound Hound’ and will help demystify audio and what type of microphones you need for the job. They will even film a Talking Business Card on site to show you how it all comes together. Editing can be done with Lightroom, Photodex, Animoto, Photoshop or Premier. There are many creative options, depending on your end product and they will help you begin your journey at the level that works for you.

Come prepared to be inspired and challenged, equipped and encouraged! If you have ever taken a class from Suzette and Jon, you know how patient, encouraging, knowledgeable and down-to-earth they are! They will make it fun and help you gain the confidence to step into a whole new realm with your photography and marketing!

Topics covered:

Hybrid Products – lots of ways to integrate into portrait studios

Video tech- frame rates, shutter speeds, codecs and all kinds of new terms

Motion – what to film and how much is enough?

Workflow Basics

Trimming- the easy way with Lightroom

Assembly with ProShowWeb (photodex)

Editing with Photoshop CC

Editing with Premier (short demo)

Balancing the learning curve/marketing

Pricing and strategies

Delivery methods

Microphones and recording Audio

Live demo of Talking Business Card


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