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Refining the Artistic Image

Suzette Allen, Cr,Photog. CPP, API

Learn to take your images and turn them into Artistic Expressions – the enhanced and dramatic images you see in your mind’s eye! Mastering the creative imaging tools and plugins will not only help you create powerful images, but expand your inner vision as your skills increase!

This creative hands-on class will teach you to use advanced Photoshop Techniques to enhance and sculpt your images and lighting to get the impact you want. We will also incorporate a bit of motion for impact. Lightroom techniques lay the image groundwork, but leveraging plugins will allow you to not only save time, but quickly transform your work into exceptional and emotional images that express your own unique vision!

Techniques for excellence in imagery apply to every kind of subject matter, from nature and landscapes, to portraits and architecture! There is no ceiling to what can be created; we are limited only by our vision and skill. This class will increase your vision and skills as well as expose you to new possibilities (and software), bringing excitement and progress to your creative journey!

Course Highlights

•Maximum efficiency tools and setups for Photoshop

•Sculpt images using Photoshop created light

•Enhance your nature images

•Facial retouching tricks for speed and beauty

•Focus Stacking and Post Focus

•Use new Lightroom tools like Dehaze and video functions

•Enhance image details and correct localized color issues

•Master masking for total control in Photoshop

•Guide the eyes and impact with sharpening, lens blur, and light

•Learn how to use a Wacom tablet

•Create amazing Black and White images

•Use Plug-ins to speed your workflow

•HDR in Photoshop and NIK

•Create video composites with Photoshop

•Use Mixer Brushes for painted looks in Photoshop

•Integrate Lightroom into your Photoshop workflow

•Create time saving actions

Software and Tools you will be using & learning:

The class will be using a selection of Photoshop and Lightroom Plug-ins including Lucid (by Perfectly Clear), Nik Software, and Topaz. You will also learn how to use your Wacom Tablet.

Suzette Allen and Jon Yoshinaga are well known and respected Photoshop and Hybrid (video) instructors in our industry for almost 15 years. Both have been in the professional imaging field for 30+ years and have experience from the lab and tech side as well as the camera and software world. Their passion for helping people and keen understanding of software are key to making classes full of relevant material, and they have a knack for making it all easy to understand. On the forefront of technology, they are well versed in the newest tools, trends and techniques of the trade and passionately love to help people succeed!

Suzette Allen & Jon Yoshinaga

Sacramento, CA 916-712-7377

You will need: Laptop or computer with Photoshop CS6 or Creative Cloud Lightroom 4 or later NIK software (free) Wacom tablet is Strongly Recommended


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