This is a week-long retreat for the Certified Photographers of Iowa, held on the Island of Tybee.

Topics of Instruction include, mirrorless cameras, filming, 4k video, Lightroom, PS CC, Premier, FLixel and whatever else anyone wants to learn!

For more information to Register, contact Jean Poland




Suzette Allen, 2015 Lumix Luminary, Suzette Allen, is an industry leader, taking her place at the front lines of change and technology, making it easy and understandable to take our imaging to the next level in creativity. Her pioneering work with Video and Hybrid is pointing the way to the future of professional photography! As a Pro Photographer over 25 years, and a Photoshop Educator for 14 years, she really knows her craft. With software and hardware, portraits and scenics, videos and stills~ the horizons are limitless, the opportunities wide! Let Suzette, and her techy husband Jon, inspire and equip you to get into MOTION to embrace YOUR creative future!

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