SYNC 2016

Feb 19-22

Motion Magic: How to make exciting Hybrid Videos for seniors!

Featuring PSCC, LR, PSW, 4K, Flixel and LivePortrait.

How to shoot video and 4K

• How to shoot and create Cinemagraphs

• Learn Easy video trims and prep with Lightroom 5

• Hybrid creation with videos and stills using PSW, Flixel, LivePortrait

• Presenting Hybrid photograph-QR, LP, Web and Social Media

It is clear that we need to set ourselves apart from the competition by doing something fresh and exciting! And guess what? The world of Motion is upon us! It’s time to learn how to leverage motion techniques to boost your success! Let Suzette show you how she creates exciting moving portraits or Me-Movies that are perfect for Instagram, Live Portraits and pure BUZZ! Using 4K video techniques, Cinemagraphs, and Live Portraits, she will show you lots of ways to be unique and fresh beyond just the slideshow! Suzette Allen is widely known as a guru of Photoshop, but has become the Hybrid Pioneer of this fresh new facet of imaging. She knows how to make complex software easy to understand and will help you embrace technology and begin your exciting journey to become a Hybrid Photographer….one who can create fresh art by blending video, stills and sound!

Images: Natalie Sr, KelseyMusic, AJsword, AmeliaAmazing,

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