2016-02-04 MikesCam - SuzetteAllen

Suzette will be doing this class in two stores:  

SACRAMENTO, CA    Feb 4th, 10am to noon

DUBLIN, CA    Feb 5th, 11am-1pm

Suzette Allen is a Lumix Luminary and well-versed in the operation and efficient use of Lumix cameras! She's been a professional photographer for over 20 years and been a Lumix user for about 6 years, using  Lumix for 100% of her captures for almost 4 years! She teaches around the world on Video, Photoshop, Workflow, Lightroom and Creativity....

You definitely want take part in this great opportunity to catch her spark of enthusiasm and genuine love of the craft. She's super patient, friendly and loves people as much as she loves photography!

How to use 4K Photo Mode!

Here is an example video of Suzette's teaching and a bit of info on how the 4K photo mode works on Lumix cameras! 

You can check out her full playlist of 22 videos about the FZ1000

or 18 videos on the ZS40 online, or better yet, come to her class and learn in person!

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