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PPE Cincinnati

January 26, 2017

Video Editing with Photoshop!

So many photographers are realizing that adding a bit of motion (video or hybrid) services can make a huge difference to their ability to book sessions, and prepare for the future… and its great news that you can actually edit video and create dynamic hybrid videos with PHOTOSHOP!

This program will be a live Photoshop Demo, teaching you HOW to create short compelling hybrid videos with Photoshop CC! (or PS CS6) In one program, you can learn the tools you need to go home and create finished videos! (assuming you already know the basics of Photoshop).

Sample Promo video with Voice Over

We will also cover Lightroom tools to trim videos. [LR is not required for this, as just PS is adequate to create videos. Lightroom IS a timesaver and help, so we will demo it, but it will be a small segment.] We will also be creating Live Portraits that allow you to play a video off the PRINT! Yeah!

Instagram Ads

Senior Videos [or grad card feature]

Giveaways include a drawing for:

One free Live Portrait

One free Triple Scoop Music song

One Bay Photo Product certificate (unknown at this point)

One year Pro Show Web subscription

Suzette’s Video series on PS Video Editing


Suzette is a 16 year Photoshop Educator and Adobe Influencer, so she knows her way around Photoshop with ease and an intense focus on efficiency! You will love her easy-going style and ability to simplify and explain HOW things come together in a way that makes sense! Also a Lumix Luminary, teaching video for 3 years, she is well versed in helping still photographers transition into a new world, [learning a new communication style] as they add motion to their skill sets.

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