IUSA 2016

Jan 10, 7:30am-9:00am

Modern Hybrid Imagery:

4K photos, Cinemagraphs and Live Portraits

Learn to use 4K video to capture not only great video but amazing action stills for large prints and portraits. Students will learn what formats to capture in, what frame rates are best, how to bend the rules of shutter speed to get great stills from video and how to painlessly extract still frames using Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop and Premier.

This lecture will give you the basics you need to shoot any video, but especially 4k, as well as some great tips on using modern mirrorless cameras. Class includes a live demonstration shooting 4K video, along with actually extracting frames from which to print, and simple trimming of videos for short Me-Movies or Live Portraits. Videos and Live portraits are the future of photography and Suzette will make it simple and fun to jump in NOW with any camera that shoots video.

Class is appropriate for any level, and students will walk away with enough knowledge to successfully film a Live Portrait or pull frames from 4K video, and be inspired by the many applications of video in our primarily still-photo world!


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