PPSNYS - July 19-24, 2015

Suzette Allen, Cr.Photog., CPP, API and Jonny Yo (Yoshinaga), Cr.Photog.

Get Moving with Hybrid Join the Hybrid Revolution with your DSLR OR mirrorless camera and learn to harness the power of movement (video) to bring life and excitement (+ sales) to your photography and marketing! Now is the time to reinvent ourselves to stay on the competitive edge; Hybrid is the perfect way to do that! Come to NEIPP school and learn to capture video, edit in Lightroom 5, and create short, compelling hybrid eproducts profitably. It is ideal for seniors, family, business, children and any storytelling topic! You will learn to create quick hybrid shows with ProShowWeb, auto editing, and even custom pieces with Photoshop CC (or CS6).

Suzette is a pioneer of the Hybrid Revolution and a well-respected teacher of Photoshop for 13 years. With her down-to-earth style and easy going humor, Suzette and her techie husband Jonny will help you embrace the new video technology and techniques to build your skills to thrive in your photographic future!


Check out her Hybrid Creations here: http://www.suzetteallen.com/HYBRID

(Or use these links directly for your website use and marketing!)


Pierce family fun: http://www.suzetteallen.com/SESSION-PROOFS/ePRODUCTS/2013-Pierce-Family-eCard

Natalie and her Doc Martens http://www.suzetteallen.com/SESSION-PROOFS/ePRODUCTS/Natalie-DocMarten

Skating Christmas card http://www.suzetteallen.com/SESSION-PROOFS/ePRODUCTS/Oliver-Family

Suzette Allen,

PPA #166205



Suzette and Jon’s Hybrid Class Requirements:

DSLR or DSLM that will shoot stills and video. We will have a few Panasonic Lumix cameras if your camera will not shoot video. Be sure to bring your CF/SD cards and a card reader. Computer with Photoshop C6 or CC and Lightroom 4 or 5 loaded and ready to go. Trial version is fine as long as you are still in the 30 day window. You should also have at least 10 gigs of free space on your internal hard drive. ProShowWeb.com, or a trial version (no expiration), or perhaps Animoto if you already have it. We will be demonstrating a little bit of Premier for those interested but it is not required at all.

** Computer note: We will be editing and watching VIDEO which takes a lot of processor speed. Please bring the most current or fastest computer you have. Many laptops do not have the ability to process video and it is very frustrating to not be able to see anything you shot! If you have questions on specs, please email Jon at the address below or call him at 916-710-0706

Bring a set of earbuds or headphones so we can all concentrate when everyone is listening to music to pick out for shows! You can also use them to monitor the audio when we do mic demos.

If you have a tripod, bring it, and don't forget the mounting plate. A monopod will work, but tripod is better. If you have rig, slide, bracket, brace, mic or any other peripheral “stuff”, feel free to bring it along. One of the class assignments is to shoot a “Talking Business Card”.

We will be using classmates for this project, so if you like, bring a “professional” change of clothes from the waist up. Also bring some of your portfolio images and videos to use for making a marketing piece!

We will have a small studio set and will shoot outside as well. We will also have assignments for school events where students will have a chance to film and create short promo shows about The School’s events. This will be a fun class!

You can also see some videos created in our Classes earlier last year! Link: http://www.suzetteallen.com/TEACHING/Class-Info/Hybrid-Class-Projects If you have any questions please email suzette@suzetteallen.com or jon@suzetteallen.com.

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