Friday Program 90 min 1:30-3:30

25 Reasons Why Your Next Camera Should Be a Mirrorless

Sponsored by Panasonic Lumix

The buzz is getting louder and louder about mirrorless cameras and features, so what’s all the excitement about? Lumix Luminary, Suzette Allen will demonstrate and share 25 different features and good reasons why you should seriously consider stepping into the world of mirrorless. Good reasons like autofocus in video, focus peaking, constant preview, zebras, 4kphoto, built-in intervelometers and more! Many of these great features are not even available in a DSLR- you will be surprised at how capable these friendly cameras are and how easy to understand and use.

As a pro photographer over 20 years, Suzette navigates the menus and techniques and photography concepts easily and with creative enthusiasm! You will enjoy her varied work and passionate approach to stills, video, hybrid and everything photographic.


Post Focus

Touch focus, (rack focusing)

Using a slide

Creating flixels (cinema graphs)

Creative shooting modes and filters (top pop, high key, star filter, etc)

4K video to pull frames in camera (falling snow, snow globe)

Slow motion filming in camera

Wifi to phone

Constant preview


Different aspect ratios

Auto bracket for HDR

Focus Peaking

LED spotlights (Fiilex, westcott)

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