International Christian Photographers

September 20-22, 2015

Portraits in Motion Suzette Allen, Cr.Photog. CPP, API

Storytelling images are the core of portraiture, revealing the beauty and uniqueness of our subjects, and we have spent decades refining our craft with still images. But technology has put video in our hands and made it so easy to capture the life, faith, and unique personalities of our clients! Audio Visual presentations have a powerful impact on the viewers and the ability to express more than mere words can describe- What a powerful medium with which to communicate a message of Hope!

Now comes the new stuff—the foreign terms and the overwhelm or frustration of new technology… But, Wait! Suzette Allen, Adobe educator and pioneer of Hybrid Photography, will show you fast and easy (and profitable) ways to integrate some motion into your still portraits and painlessly edit and create finished shows (eProducts) with them! Storytelling vignettes and Moving Portraits are the new language of our era—learn how to capture genuine personality with motion, revealing the fun, the faith and unique personalities of your subjects, whether they be friends, family or clients!


Suzette Allen, Cr.Photog., CPP, API   [Photographic Craftsman, Certified Professional Photographer, Approved Photographic Instructor]

Suzette is one of the leading educators in our industry, teaching Adobe Photoshop for the past 13 years. She is now pioneering a new territory with Video, adding motion to her still photos to create Hybrid eProducts! Suzette is passionate about helping photographers to not only create, but to embrace new technology, tech terms and software! Join her in learning a fresh new language of seeing/communicating, and open the possibilities of exciting new ways to visualize, document, create, and sell our photography!

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