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This is one of the most unique learning environments we have been a part of. You can learn from as many different instructors as you like, hands-on .

There are quite a few shooting bays and plenty of great models to practice with, as well as a gorgeous location in Hilton Head with plenty of environmental locations to shoot! Grab a model and a coach and lets go learn!!

Does your camera shoot video? Have you ever tried it? Have you ever sold it? Exploring and staying on the leading edge has its perils and rewards.

Hybrid Photography Pioneers, Suzette Allen and Jon Yoshinaga, are a team of studio and photo-educators leading the charge on Hybrid Photography, combining stills, video and audio. Taking the step into video has opened doors to more business and more creativity; a whole new language. Where they once communicated only in stills, video has the ability to draw the viewer in and hold them much longer, to actually tell the story or just reveal the persona of the subject! Suzette and Jon make a dynamic team, and enjoy helping photographers embrace technology and new ideas!

Applying all the standard photographic techniques, introducing simple filming strategies and adding continuous lighting for the shoot, too, they teach students how to painlessly add video into their photographic sessions. Using the video features of the most used Adobe software and adding few new pieces of software, they show photographers how well equipped they already are and how easy it is to add Hybrid products to their portrait businesses. Suzette and Jon spend at least 50% of each year doing hands-on classes, consulting and helping other photographers embrace the new mirrorless technology and master Adobe software…. Join them for a fun and exciting learning experience and a fresh approach to portraiture: Moving Portraits!

Suzette Allen and Jon Yoshinaga,

Lumix Luminaries

Sponosored by Panasonic Lumix.

Filmed at Light Pro 2014

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