Paintings with Photoshop

PPNC 2015

Hands On Pre-Con class

Painting with Photoshop Class

by Suzette Allen, Cr.Photog., CPP, API

Creating Painted works of Art with Photoshop CC Setting ourselves apart is the key to survival as Professional Photographers, and now is more important than ever! How can we be different and exclusive- offering products that are far more exceptional than our competition? Many of us have already developed our business to create an experience of excellence, but now is the time to add on the Polish!

Our vision and mastery of the craft can take us to new heights with Painted Portraits, Poetic Presentations, and Dramatic Portrayals. With a little interviewing and planning, you can create a product that your clients cannot get anywhere else! Photographers seem to be a dime a dozen these days, but it's the true artists who can capture storytelling images and turn them into timeless hand painted portraits or dramatic works of art!

Join Suzette as she teaches you to take your portraits, combine them with artistic elements and then create unique and personal works of art that your clients will love! Painting or art skills are not needed - just the software, a tablet and a bit of inspiration! Adobe has made it so easy for us with Photoshop CS6/CC to do painting and unique photographic creations! AND, there are so many great plug-ins to make our creative ideas come to life with ease, minimizing the time investment! Pair that up with all the fabulous image presentation options today and you have a perfect plan of attack!

In this hands-on class, Suzette will show you how to refine your images with Lightroom 4, utilize plug ins (NIK software & Topaz Labs) to get the looks you want (trial versions available), add light drama, enhance colors and create dramatic image combinations. Then, with CS6/CC & a wacom tablet, you will add on the customized hand painted touches and then creatively apply them to fresh photo products that clients want. For the painted images, she will also demonstrate how to add brush stroke embellishments (clear medium) to your canvases for a hand painted polish and exquisite finish!

We will use techniques on portraits, landscapes and artistic graphic images, so any type of photographer can benefit from the exercises and be able to apply it to any style of image or product. Emphasis will be on portraits, pets, and potential commissioned art work (some travel and scenic).

CLASS NEEDS: Computer with Photoshop CS6 or CC,

Wacom tablet (REQUIRED)

Optional: Topaz Simplify & Topaz Clean plugins.

Images you want to paint. (digital, med rez)

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