May 11, 2015

Suzette Allen CR.Photog., CPP, API:

Get Moving with Hybrid! (and 4K)

Join the Hybrid Revolution with your DSLR OR mirrorless camera and learn to harness the power of movement (video) to bring life and excitement to your photography and marketing! Now is the time to reinvent ourselves to stay on the competitive edge!--Hybrid is the perfect way to do that!

Join us and learn to capture video, leverage 4K video for your stills, edit in Lightroom 5, and create short, compelling hybrid eproducts profitably. It is ideal for seniors, family, business, children and any storytelling topic! You will learn to create quick hybrid shows with ProShowWeb, auto editing, and even custom pieces with Photoshop CC (or CS6).

What You Will Learn:

* How to film HD Video with your DSLR or mirrorless (settings and techniques)

* How to shoot 4K video for the purpose of pulling out still frames for prints

* How to tie in print sales to Hybrid and make your prints Live Portraits

* How to edit video clips and combine with stills and music to make hybrid Moving Portraits

* How to use lightroom, ProShowWeb and Photoshop CC to create videos and marketing pieces

Suzette is a pioneer of the Hybrid Revolution and a well-respected teacher of Photoshop for 13 years. With her down-to-earth style and easy going humor, Suzette and her techie husband Jonny will help your embrace the new video technology and techniques to build your skills to thrive in your photographic future!

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